Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Wishlist

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So my wishlist.... but not the money-can-buy kind. 

1- summer fun
We've really enjoyed this summer. Last year, we were in Malaysia for two months. Though it was truly an eye-opening, glorious, life changing experience, I really missed all the summer and sunshine fun here in Canada. We vowed to do a whole lot of nothing this year but have a ton of fun! We even made a summer bucket list for our family. In 20 years, I want my girls to look back on the summers of their youth and remember those lazy summer days--- filled with pools, playdates, park-visits and popsicles of course!

2- health
It's been a healthy year for our family so far with the exception of D's back, which has been triggering off at the most random times and now a source of pretty regular pain. It's actually worrying me. I've had back pain in the past (I even had scoliosis surgery as a teen) and I know how debilitating it can be. I really hope we figure something out.

Speaking of health, everyone is warning me that it's about to get all germy in here from September now that A is starting preschool. During C's first year of preschool, our family as a whole got so violently ill. There were tons of colds, flus, an awful case of pinkeye, ear infections, stomach viruses and a couple bouts of pneumonia. I am praying that it won't be the same for A. She goes to the gym daycare daily and C is in school. It can't be that bad, right?

3- kind but strong daughters
This might come in a separate post, but I'm beginning to see Cassia becoming quite the people pleaser like I have a tendency to be. She has trouble saying no ( well not to me), always wants people to like her and she really wants to make people happy all the time. She gets this from me. I've been quite the doormat people pleaser in the past,  and I'm only in recent years starting to say no more often. I want her to be considerate of other people's feelings but also have a strong sense of self.  I'm really hoping that I can instill this in her through the years... any tips?

Sassy Cassie

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. That's a good question. Honestly leading by example is probably one of the best things you can do, along with having conversations about the difference between loving/helping others and being taken advantage of. Granted it's a hard concept for even adults but as long as you help build a healthy self respect and self worth in her, you'll definitely guide her in the right direction.

  2. I like that your wish list was full of important things. So many people are concerned with material things and one-upping their friends and neighbors to really focus on what's important!

  3. Love your wishlist - Health and happiness are so important in our lives!! I think your wish for your daughters is very sweet - I know my mom still gives me advice on this and I'm 27!!

  4. Great wishlist... Hope you guys are having a fun summer! :)

  5. I think you've had your share of school illness and will be totally fine come school fall! And my first is a total people pleaser and he is such a rule follower (but in a scared way - he wouldn't put a get well card on his teachers desk bc he thought he would get in trouble). If you come up with tips please let me know!

  6. Love the bucket list! We did one this year too. I also want my kids to have some wonderful memories of all the fun stuff we did!
    As for the doormat/people pleaser thing. I think she'll learn by example from you. And you can also talk to her about, because even though they are young, they really do understand a lot. Explain that what she wants and feels is just as important.

  7. Love how you made this so non-materialistic!! It brings a nice reality check :)


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