Friday, August 1, 2014

Favourite on Friday--- random stuff

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Happy, happy Friday and happy August too.... We have a long weekend planned, filled with wonderful R&R and some fun for the kids!!! 

Here's what I'm loving this week.

Favourite Editing software

Picmonkey is fantastic for beginners!! It is very user friendly and allows you to experiment quite a bit without having to take an intro class like photo shop does. It does great collages, posters and editing. Seriously... Take a look at one before and after. 

Check out the lighting differences in this photo  and the subtle differences

And this poster I did for A's party.

And these labels

You can either get the free version or the Royale. I sprung for the Royale since I use it so much.

Favourite Sale Item 
The Anniversary Sale is done and I've done some damage. Totally justified though since I've done most of my fall shopping-- no? Seriously, I got a very cool pair of boots, lots of shirts and some little hostess gifts. I'm still picking up some back to school stuff for Cass so I'm not done yet (sorry D). This however has to be my favourite purchase. 

I seriously regret not buying more when I had the chance for Christmas gifts as now only the less popular letters are available. If your name starts with B or W though, go for it!!

Favourite toddler moments.
Okay, I admit it... I now have a toddler. I held onto the baby status until two--- as per my doctor's advice--- it is called Infant Tylenol until two, right? But yes, now I have a toddler and she is talking up a storm. My favourite is the introduction of 'time out'. She however loves time out. If she does something wrong, she says "Mommy, time out?" And she trudges along happily to the time out corner and makes herself at home. It is the cutest thing ever but I really need to find another punishment. And also, she takes it upon herself to give Cassia a time out pointing her finger in a stern voice and saying "Cassia, go time out now!"

Silly, silly girl!

And there you have it. Happy Friday everyone!!! (Wait, I said that already)

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  1. Those necklaces are adorable! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love Picmonkey and use it on a daily basis. I opted for the Royale version too. I love that you can use your own fonts with it now!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've never heard of Picmonkey but it sounds awesome! I definitely need to check it out - I'm all about free! Your daughter is adorable!

  4. Kennedy puts herself in timeout as well. We have to try very hard not to laugh. This age is so much fun! Have a great weekend!

  5. You daughter is so adorable!! And now that you're embracing the toddler faze there some amazing things to come. Toddler can be pretty awesome! And love the letter necklace. Thanks for linking up :) Have a great weekend!

  6. Anjali is not only cute in photographs, she is even cuter (if it's possible) in person.

  7. Lol, timeout as a treat...toddlers can be so funny & frustrating all at the same time.


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