Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Everyday life- week 29 and 30

Happy Wednesday! I have so much to do this week as we're leaving for a 2 week sojourn to NYC next week. Lots of organising, packing, errands and back to school shopping (online of course, that I can collect while I'm there). And then it's summer, so I want to squeeze in outdoor time, fun and playdates for the girls! So yes, pretty busy! 

For my newer readers, every week I post pics of random happenings/special occurances for each day. I'm trying to do this for all of 2014. These days though, I've been blogging about other things so it's been hard to squeeze in these everyday life posts so I find myself clumping them into two weeks at a time! 

Day # 204
We took our friends out for one last dinner before they left the next day for Toronto

Day #205
My girl and I before swimming! I miss this now that it's done.

Day #206
Because I love this baby too much not to include a little pic of him--- and because I probably already have 219 pics of him already. My brother is very good at sending pics.

Day #207
I also love this baby toddler
#whatever #shellalwaysbemybaby

Day #208
My parents came for the weekend while D was in TNT for a quick trip
#lowmaintenanceguests #thankgoodnessforgreatparents #momdidlaundry

Day #209
I went to a Bachelorette viewing/stella and Dot party and had the best time!
Check out the little set up my girl Jenn did!  She even did mood lighting and candles to mimic the bachelorette dates/rose ceremony
#appreciatetheeffort #somethingiwoulddo

Day #210
D and I went to see a local production of les mis.... Wonderful performance, small theatre and best seats ever!

Day #211
Jam making time and second child safety!
Check the recipe out here

Day #212
Sisters--- this picture warms my heart 

Day #213
I took my kids for a playdate with my friend Sonya and her kids. We went to the park and for froyo. After, as D went golfing, my girls and I curled up on the couch for nachos, popcorn and a Parenthood marathon (or as Cass says 'parenthooood') 

Day #214
A great day for the farmer's market. Cass was armed with her own shopping bag and everything

Day #215
My little family at African Lion Safari. Post coming soon. 

Day #216
Happy belated birthday to our July babies.
#nevermindthatitsaugust #redvelvetisyummyanytime

DAy #217
You know you didn't get enough sleep when you look down during a workout and realise that you didn't even  are wearing your oldest, rattiest sneakers. No wonder the workout was tougher than usual.

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  1. Wow, everything looks like so much fun! I love the Bachelorette viewing party, such a great idea. Also can't wait to hear about the safari trip!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful!!! Have fun in New York!

  3. Such a great idea to document every day once a week! (Or twice a month even.) And wow, I can't believe we're already in the 200s for this year. Sounds like you guys are making the most of your summer :)

    The Joni Journey

  4. Your girls are so beautiful! Looks like you guys have been up to a lot of fun!


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