Monday, December 30, 2013

Visit to Santa- late post

We had our annual outing to see the great Santa Claus. The girls were all dressed up in their red finery and we made it out to our local Cambridge Mall.

First we perused Target (why the heck not?)

Then we lined up 

We brushed our hair and changed our shoes while in line- A is always losing one side of shoe and I find it weeks later in some toy-box. 

A selfie-- or as some people call it- an us-ie

Then of course there were tears. Quite a bit. This is the first time ever that we had tears. C has always been brave and excited to see Santa but even from before I knew there would be tears. She is too much of a mama's girl to sit on a stranger's lap. And there was too much red in the picture... next time, we're going back to Kitchener.

Luckily Dad came to the rescue to save her after

And then we went to dinner and mama had wine. The end. 

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