Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday- week before Christmas

It's been a bit of a while since I've done a Five on Friday/update. Once again I'm linking up with A liz Adventures  for this great link-up party. 

Also linking up to Kelly's Corner for Christmas Traditions. Double link up--- whaaattt?!

It's freezing rain out and we're indoors today so perfect blogging weather!

1- We're officially off from school! Cass had her Christmas Party on Wednesday. The older kids did a puppet show, they had treats and a movie- about the true meaning of Christmas, which not one kid watched since they were all too keyed up. After that, Cass asked me not to go to music and dance... we did however have a babysitter (she usually watches Anjali while I take Cass to all her activities) sooo.....

Here's a shot of my girl waiting on her treats- didn't take any of her with the other kids as I'm very cautious about  putting other people's kids on my blog without parental permission.

2- Darin and I got to do one of our annual Christmas traditions- this involves going for a drink, a meal and some great conversation (without kids) and then heading over to the mall where I give him gift ideas (for me as I do the shopping for everyone else). We then separate and he makes his purchases. It's a nice couple hours for us and he doesn't stress out as much about what to get me--- next year we'll go back to the mall in Kitchener though. The Cambridge mall is lacking!!

Red wine and the holidays go hand in hand- no?

3- Presents are mostly wrapped- yay! Another tradition, I usually watch a cheesy Lifetime movie while wrapping my gifts a few at a time every night until they are done.  Finally got a chance to do it yesterday so I had to do it in bulk. This year I had a little "helper"- I use that word very loosely.

 4- Santa's letter is written.... a new tradition to continue for many years! Now it's just to take it to Santa.... take a look. Cass dictated, I helped with the writing and she decorated and signed.

5- Cookies are a big part of our holidays but this year I am eating waaaayyy too much cookies. We have gotten a record amount of treats from friends, family, bake sales and colleagues... and we did some baking last night too. My friend/work out partner gave me some cookies in this beautiful package before she left to go home for the holidays--- so less working out and more sugar---- eeekkk!!! I really will need that sugar detox in January.

So many more traditions to talk about but so much Christmassing to do.
Have a WONDERFUL pre-Christmas weekend, everyone! 

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