Monday, December 16, 2013

The grandparents are in town- some of them anyways!

It feels like ages since I've last blogged. We've been busy, a combination of my babies, Christmas, errands, chores, life and we also have some visitors- Darin's parents have come to visit! His dad had some minor eye surgery in Canada a few days ago and since it's around the holidays, they decided to stick around for a few extra days (in what has turned out to be the coldest December in 13 years-- weather network factoid). Then my parents come next week as well so we are doubly blessed. Words cannot describe how incredibly thankful we are to have all our parents and the kids' grandparents come to our home for the one of our most favourite times of the year. There's nothing like having grandparents around--- enjoying the season, playing with the kids, chatting with D and I,  cooking up a storm, babysitting when we need it! As you can see below... the kids love it!

We went to one of our favourite restaurants The Cambridge Mills when they first got here

Checking out "winston" on the iPad-- whoever that is-- all I know is that because of Winston, Cassia called Anjali a drama queen when she was crying to be picked up.... it was kind of funny.

Giving Ajee a hairstyle
See the beautiful ponytail?

And then there was this situation!

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