Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas Eve

Can you believe that Christmas has come and gone already? Technically though, it's really not over until the 6th of January. Until then,  carols will be playing in this house, decorations up and some sort of sugary treat around.  We've been so busy and  blessed as well, with two sets of grandparents around- lots of food, ole' talk and playing with the grandkids. My parents came in on Christmas Eve as well. 

We spent our Christmas Eve in Mississauga at our aunt's house. This has become something of an annual tradition. Sometimes it's just us and other times, there are lots of other friends and family. Either which way, it's always a very special way to spend Christmas Eve. The house is always so festively decorated, the food is yum and there are always carols-- either being played or sung! 

Here are a few shots from that night. 

This beautiful Christmas Village was the source of great delight for my kids.... and the source of great paranoia for D and me... we were afraid that some grubby  tiny hands would break these delicate pieces. 

Their lovely Christmas tree

Some Christmas love between the sisters!

Our little family! 

And then there was carolling 

Christmas jammers time! 

We ended up getting home close to midnight and then we had to wrap all these presents from Santa I had my mom bring from the US for the girls, prep for the next day and tidy up a bit. I ended up going to bed about 3 am. Seriously, I totally understand why Christmas is so magical for the kids... it's cause the adults make it that way! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world though!

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