Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Baking

We've been doing a ton of baking around here. When I say a ton, I mean like three sets but as I eluded to  already, we've been eating our weight in baked goods so it feels like lots. But it is more than we have in the last couple years actually. Cassia loves it although the extent of her assistance is wearing an apron and dumping a couple ingredients in the bowl. Her attention span is pretty  short but she does love the sampling after though! 

Horsing around for Mommy/Daughter Day 

All decked out and ready to bake 

Even Mama put on her Christmas apron

Yummy Skor Bars, but a distant memory.

Then D got in on the action and began gingerbreading (as you can see my Christmas verbage is very creative).

decorating the cookies

Can you believe my family of sugar addicts finished this batch in 24 hours? There were about 30 cookies and I have a strong suspicion my kids got cookies for breakfast while Mama slept in. 

And here is his masterpiece--- seriously, is he in the wrong profession or what?! 

Today, we made white chocolate holiday bark but I got smart and packaged them into three separate tins! 

What should we bake tomorrow?

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