Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas fun this weekend

The time is flying! Where is our Christmas season going?

On Friday, D, C and I went to see Frozen. A very apt movie for this December. We loved it and now "Do you want to build a snowman?"  has become a little bit of an ear-worm for us. 

On Saturday, we had errands, gymnastics, prep for Sunday and lots of snow. We did however, manage to have some fun.

Isn't red his colour?

I'm seriously wasting my money on toys. Check out Santa and his reindeer.


Hmmm.... Santa's getting heavy--- too many cookies this season.

Hey, where did my reindeer go?

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On Sunday, we had our 6th Annual Christmas get together for some of our friends---- this year we had a champagne brunch (it used to be a night event at one time but guess when that changed?!)- anyways, it was lots of eats, drinks, laughter and it was so nice of our friends to come down in this blustery weather, some from even  as far as Ajax. 

I was too busy hosting to take many pics but here are a few. Thanks Andrea for taking a few.

I made a red velvet cake for the party! Nothing says festive like red cake no?

Here are the drinks! And yes, that's snow chilling the champagne

A few of the dishes we did--- seriously, I did lots this year! I was tired after!

Here I am with my sweet friend, Andrea- one of my favourite people!

Her kids are some of Cassia's favourite people also. 

Even Anjali who usually has 'stranger danger' loved Uncle Will (the kids' dad). THis is a HUGE deal and Will should be very flattered.

Ok, at this point I know it seems like it was just our two familes at the parties but not quite.

Here are just a few of the guests

The men having a post dinner scotch.

And then some more of the kids....Next time, I'll assign someone to take some more shots. 

And I end with some of my favourite girls! 

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