Monday, December 28, 2020

10 End of Year Questions

Happy Holidays friends.... the days are long and glorious... lots of R&R and getting ready for 2021... In the meantime, once again, I'm following the 10 Things to tell you Podcast's end of year questions.

1- What will you remember most?
I will remember quarantine..... something I never, ever thought would happen in my lifetime given all the modern technology, governments and advancements... How much every single aspect of our everyday lives changed from work to school to diet to mindsets
2- Who were your people?
My three people at home, of course, my parents and my cousin Ronell, who endured so much in 2020 but who was so there for me with our totally insane conversations. My friend Jenn and I had the best organised and impromptu happy hours and spoke to each other probably more this year than any other year in our six-year friendship. Despite it being quarantine, because of the long walks we took, I got close to Renella and Natalie from my gym and Sheila and Lidia from my neighbourhood. 

3- What was the best entertainment?
All the many books I read... My favourites were Well Behaved Indian Women by Sauyma Dave and The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer. I found myself drawn to another devastating time in history, WW2 in 2020.

Honourable mention goes to all those quarantine memes on FB and Insta that had me cracking up.

4- What were the most important conversations?
The horrible tragedy of George Floyd's death, the riots that followed led to so many conversations in our household and in the world about racism, goodness, fairness, bigotry, and both open and closeted racism. 

5- What was the biggest surprise?
I honestly thought that Trump was going to win the election and Joe Biden's winning has restored a little bit of my faith in humanity and humankind. 

6- What was the most consequential decision?
For us, it was getting our puppy, Toby. He has affected our lives in so many good ways and has added a blessed layer of empathy, love and caring to our lives. Our hearts are so full.

7- What have you learned?
That health, both physical and mental, is so, so important. Back in the old-time days of 2019, I had allowed some really small stuff to get me down. Now that 2020 has brought all of this stuff, I realised how insignificant it all was. My very close cousin almost lost his life and is still dealing with so much, my mom contracted Covid and the world was going through so much. However,  because of my attitude, I'm in a much better place than I was at the end of 2019. 

8- What has changed?
I used to be more of a doormat, honestly. Now, I try not to be and I encourage my girls to do the same. Be polite and respectful to people but you don't need to stand for discourtesy and apathy. 

9- What are you leaving behind and making space for?
Gluten as much as possible and experimenting with different options.

10- What do you want more of next year?
I want more of less.... less stuff, less fancy, less entertaining (okay maybe more entertaining than 2020 but in general less)... More simplicity and more love...

How about you? Any of these resonate with you? 


  1. These questions are great. I have neglected listening to her podcast for awhile now but I think I will answer these too. I'm so glad you enjoyed those two books. I know I shared Well Behaved Indian Women and The Things We Cannot Say is one of my favorites from last year!

  2. Toby is so adorable! These are great questions :)

  3. I love this post, so thoughtful. I haven't considered my resolutions yet, but I like your idea of "less", could do with a bit of that here.
    Happy New Year Friend!


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