Monday, December 7, 2020

Three Things

Hello, Monday! December Mondays after a low key weekend don't seem that bad, eh? We haven't 'three things' in a while... here's a bit of what's going on with us five with #3 of each of the first four related to Toby! #obsessed

- C is having a great year at school. For the first time ever, she is in a split class with younger kids. This year in Grade 6 being the oldest in the school, there's no choice! Her French immersion class has dwindled from about 23 in Grade 1 to 5 in Grade 6 so they've clumped them with another class. She loves it and loves her teacher who she's had for 3 years and who I think is most likely the strongest teacher she's ever had!

- We kept C in swimming this year and it's been tiring but wonderful. She moved up two levels to the Gold Novice in her swim team  so she has four practices a week, up from two but it's been good! 

- C has embraced having a puppy so much. She is the bravest one of us all, she will reach into his mouth to give him his meds or take something out. She takes him for walks or is always quick to help out with something puppy related. If you are on the fence about getting a pet for your preteen or teen, I highly advise it.

- She  has really taken to the piano this year. We can find her at many times of the day just playing her piano for fun. The only thing is that she doesn't seem to want to do the technical work the teacher gives her as she thinks it's too easy. She prefers to just learn songs that she likes from youtube. 

- A is in a 3-4 split in school this year with only 5 grade 3's in the class. I was a little nervous about it as there is only one more Grade 3 girl in her class but she has made a great core group of Grade 4 friends. They are constantly practising a play that she has written and chatting on Facetime. I'm so happy for her. 

-A is the litter of the runt in Toby's eyes and when he first came he would try to pick on her. Thankfully, that has mostly stopped but ever so often, she will harass him while he's busy chewing and he will get annoyed and try to give her a hard time.

Bonus #4 for A. She got a very mild prescription for glasses as she is having trouble focusing on the board and on her devices. The optometrist is hoping it corrects itself within a couple years. 


- D works from home these days (since March). No distractions (except for an occasional text from me). The internet is finally cooperating in his new spot and no commute. He just heads into the hospital once a week. It's been a change that's for sure with good and not so good but he's settled in. 

- He is obsessed with The Crown these days. He started watching it to fall asleep but now he is hooked. I am waiting for him to start Season 3 so we can watch together. 

- D is the pack leader or the alpha in Toby's eyes. He is very respectful towards D. Poor D suffers a little from allergies with Toby so though D  loves to play with him, he suffers after. 


- For the first time in many years, I'm not attached to a regular gym and instead we invested in a Peleton. I'm pretty fit but guys, the Peloton cycling workouts kick my butt! I organise their library from easy to hard to try to choose the easiest!  I love their library of not only cycling but also strength, yoga, outdoor walking and so much more!

- Mrs. Claus over here is all done her shopping and decorating... immersing myself in a quiet but festive season, that's for sure!

- I am Toby's main walker and do at least one with the kids or D taking the other one. All the fresh air has been so wonderful for my well being. 


- He is quite potty trained now and rings his bell to go outside or barks for us to let him out. He'll have an accident once in a while but he's doing sooo well!

- We also crate trained him for quite a while now so nights are great with him going to bed between 9-10 and getting up at around 6-7. If D is up before, he'll take him out before but we are really pleased with him.

- He had all this energy and my neighbour thought he wasn't getting enough exercise. I increased his walks to twice a day and it has made the world of difference. He is a much happier dog!!

Here he is with his puppucino... a little whipped cream SB gives him when we go.

Have a festive week, friends! Linking up with Tanya for Hello Monday.


  1. I should probably write one of these posts, as I haven't in awhile! It's great to catch up with all of you, especially the puppy! We all want one except my husband. He thinks he'd have to do all the work, which he doesn't want.

  2. I'm still not keen on getting a dog anytime soon, but you do make it look like fun. I'm glad the training is going well and that you enjoy your walks together.
    Great work on getting your shopping and wrapping done!

  3. I too am obsessed with The Crown! Go C with swimming, and loving A's new glasses <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I want a peleton but we have a regular stationary bike and I never use it.

  5. Toby, and your girls are so cute!! Have a great Monday!!

  6. I think that is so neat that your school do grade looping; only a few near here offer it and for only a few select grades as well.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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