Friday, December 11, 2020

Deck the halls 2020

Come on in for a little festivity, folks. After all, my bloggy friends (and family) are the only ones coming into the house this year!! 

2020 being 2020, called for a little extra cheer and an extra tree. We spend lots of time downstairs with our pup so the tree we were supposed to donate earlier in the year (and forgot to oops) instead came down to the family room. 

The dog got into the bottom ribbon and I forgot to fix it back. 

I have my morning caffeine on the right chair every a.m. with the pup at my feet.

And a little night time sparkle.

Now onto upstairs.

Welcome.... note the massive hand sanitizer in the foyer... not like anyone is coming over anyways.

Little touches everywhere. I got this from a family friend the first couple years of marriage and I love it. 

Cheer everywhere!

A hot cocoa and treat  stand 

A little twilight magic.

There you have it... we bought nothing this year for the first year except for very, very few ornaments: the yearly one the kids choose (this time online),  one for the pup, a silver star that I didn't put up yet and a 2020 commemorative one. I was determined to use what we have.

What's your house looking like this year? Did you make it extra festive or did you go very low key? 

Happy Weekending!!

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  1. So many lovely things! Enjoy the cozy :)

  2. I love all of the cheer everywhere! Your house looks so cozy and festive.

  3. You truly do have bits of the holiday season sprinkled everywhere. Lovely trees. You have a perfect place to sit and greet each morning.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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