Monday, December 21, 2020

From our bubble to yours....

Yup, we're still home for the holidays! Wishing you all essential, socially distanced, unprecedented, happy, cozy and healthy holidays.... 

This picture brings me such joy with these little loves of mine. 

This young lady has grown so much this year.... both physically and emotionally. 

We have been together for 19 Christmases! XO

I know that 2020 hasn't been the year we anticipated but it also came with its share of bounty and blessings and for that I'm grateful. I'm praying for all of you who had an especially rough 2020. May this season bring you some smiles and solace. 

May your holidays be full of health, joy and so many good things. When the magic of Christmas fills the air, especially this year, I hope you find it everywhere!


  1. Such a beautiful family!! wishing you a very Happy Holiday!

  2. What lovely photos, that snow!! I hope you enjoy your (likely extended) holiday break with your family!

  3. These pictures are absolutely beautiful friend! What a gorgeous family!!

  4. Beautiful pics! Happy Holidays to you! :)



Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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