Sunday, October 25, 2020

Welcome Home, Toby!

We did it... introducing the newest member of our family... Mr. Toby Milo Wigglesworth!! A big name for our little guy.  

We have been looking for a dog, like many, many families since earlier this year. No puppies to be found and also breeders have been infuriatingly over-inflating their prices. We also had some restrictions. We needed a hypoallergenic dog, preferred a male, and we wanted a small to mid-sized puppy.

After many different searches and putting our names on different breeder waiting lists, we told the girls to hang on for a bit, next year might be our year to get the pup that was meant for us. However, my Instagram friend Corey was constantly putting pictures of dogs that she was fostering for our local animal hospital. When I spoke to her in August, she took note of all our preferences and told me not to worry, she'd find me a pup.

I was so surprised when on our Thanksgiving weekend, on Friday, she emailed me with pictures of our sweet boy. He didn't fit in with the rest of the litter so he was given up for adoption. I didn't tell the girls but we fell in love as soon as we saw the pics and decided to meet him just to make sure allergies weren't going to run amok. 

Excited doesn't begin to describe our emotions.

Yep, he has a favourite. The lady who spends all the time with him.

A week later, we went to collect him after we bought everything for him...

An hour after we brought him home.

Boy has this week been hard work. We are in the throes of potty training, crate training, working on his biting and not picking on the runt of our litter, A. D's allergies have also been acting up some... We are doing puppy classes and homework at home, chatting with other puppy owners, spending lots of time outside, watching youtube videos and Cesar Milan videos as well as reading lots of literature. He is responding so well though. He is much calmer, responding well to his training, loving his routine and at least peeing on a pee pad for now... Just like kid parenting, I will take the little wins in puppy parenting. Overwhelming but there is a light at the end of this puppy tunnel and I'm seeing it in the future. 

Welcome home, Toby boy! We are so smitten....Here's to many life adventures ahead!!


  1. I'm so jealous. We all want a dog except for my husband. What kind is he?

  2. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you all! He looks like such a little cutie and I love seeing all of those smiles. We lost our sweet dog of 11 years not too long ago and the boys have been asking for a puppy.

  3. So sweet! My kids want a dog but I'm not ready for that yet. You have confirmed this for me. There is a lot of work to getting a dog and I'm still dealing with a small child :)

  4. Oh my GOODNESS he is precious! And LOVE his full name <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. I really like his name! And he is pretty cute!


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