Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fall beauty

Happy October Monday, lovelies! I have been doing lots of fall treks this time around. I've always loved exploring but Covid has forced allowed me the time and freedom to really meander through different parts of our neighbourhood... with and without company. The fall colours are so exquisitely beautiful and all my walking has truly let me really enjoy it. 

From a heritage house in our neighbourhood. 

Look who made a guest appearance on one of my random walks?! :-)

The Cambridge Paris Trail

Walter Bean Trail

My street!!!

A next part of the Walter Bean Trail

Truly blessed to be living in such a beautiful neighbourhood.

The beauty of fall is here, friends! And it's only just beginning!

Have a wonderful week1!


  1. Oh friend this makes me smile, I absolutely love fall and the beauty of it! These pictures are amazing!

  2. You know I appreciate this post!! Gaga :P

  3. Beautiful photos! I love all the autumn colours. Thanks for sharing. :)



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