Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Prime Lately- October 2020

Two posts in two days-- I don't think I've done that since 2020 began, ha! I haven't done a Prime Lately with Tanya in a few months so I figure it's about time since the UPS people know me by face AND name now... 

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium Straightening Flat Iron 

 Of course, my flat iron and my back up both conked out... this new one is awesome. I have very thick and somewhat coarse hair so this does the job really well. 

Love these chargers that I got for our Thanksgiving/Christmas/special occasion tablescapes! 

Not really dressing up too much, so these crew sweats are a great price and wonderful for running errands and lounging around the house.  I'm wearing this as I type this out. I'm going to order a few more. 

We are all about strength, love and respect for our bodies around here. This book is a coffee table read so that the girls get that message!

These are our favourite face masks these days. Washable and adjustable. 

Tide High-Efficiency Turbo Powder Laundry Detergent with Acti-Life, Original Scent, 3.1 kg (80 Loads)

I'm a liquid detergent girl but the Go Clean lady has been making a spot cleaning /laundry stripping expert out of me... 

Fun for adults and kids alike!! Some great COVID stay at home fun.

This is a perfect one for the kids and adults alike. AGe appropriate toilet humour and innuendos. Yes, please. We laugh sooo much.,

What have you been priming lately? Do the delivery people recognise you as well? :-)


  1. We love those sticker by # books.

  2. The sticker by number books are a lot of fun. I have to work on mine! I just ordered more masks yesterday. They can be so expensive though!

  3. I really like those wicker charger plates! I will have to look at those. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I've been wondering where to find the powder Tide...now I know Amazon for the win! I love the chargers. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  5. My kids love sticker books. I need to check those out. I am loving those wicker chargers you found too!


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