Monday, January 15, 2018

January Weekending

This weekend:
- started off with some scary snowy driving when I picked up the girls early from school. Mixed precipitation of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow did not a good commute make. It made for great photos though (see below)

- some neighbours came over for apps and drinks

- I took a certain eight year old skiing in such cold temps that I was certain the hills were closed. Spoiler alert- they weren't.

- The adults took midday naps but the kids didn't

-The adults also cleaned up and did lots of laundry but the kids didn't. #adulting

- We made (and proceeded to eat) our own pizza and watched a movie

- I took the girls to a family friend's unicorn party an hour away

- We bought trini food for dinner and just chilled for the rest of the evening watching TV and reading. 

Low key and refreshing, just the way we like it. And now it's Monday and the madness begins again!

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  1. LOL isn't it hilarious how the adults nap and the kids dont? that sometimes happens here as husband and i will doze off on the couch and our 9yr old will just play or read and then i'll open my eyes and she'll be standing there hahaha #oops.

  2. Great photos! Most every Saturday Dave and I nap and the kids don’t!

  3. Such a fun weekend. LOVE that photo of you - so beautiful. Also ... worth of mention - I spy Doubles.

  4. Doubles!! My favorite. The unicorn party sounds so cute and fun! Love the winter photos despite the drive being quite dangerous. I could never drive in snowy weather.

  5. Gorgeous photo of you! Also, I love that one of your girls' heads together.

  6. Sounds like a lovely winter weekend! The photo of the girls together is so cool!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  7. Those pizzas look delish! Yay for skiing, but not the super cold temps! I had no idea they could shut down the hills if it's too cold!
    Green Fashionista

  8. What a sweet post. Your pizzas look scrumptious. Yay for afternoon naps!


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