Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas 2017.

Our Christmas 2017 was such a wonderful, simple, festive celebration. In the beginning of December, my mom decided that she was coming for Christmas and we were all thrilled. We picked her up in the airport on Christmas Eve Eve and had a South Indian dinner with some of our family.

At the last minute, we saw that it was going to be snowing heavily on Christmas Eve (the pictures above are before that) so we opted out of going to our aunt's house for the first time in ages on the 24th. Though disappointed, driving in the snow isn't tons of fun or the safest thing. So then... at the very last minute, we had some family who live closer to us for snacks and sports.

These kiddos loved sledding down the hill in our neighbourhood.

We feasted on a ton of appies, fresh bread and turkey for dinner- I dry brined it for the first time and loved the flavour! Also, way easier than storing a big vat of brine in the fridge.

We also carolled a bit before the kids watched a movie and turned in for the night. I however, had to wait for my mom's lost luggage from the night before. It came with a knock on the door just after midnight so I wondered if it was you-know-who!!

And then Christmas morning---- SANTA CAME!!!

We lounged around in our pjs and enjoyed all our presents. My Santa was good to me also as you may notice by the quality of my photos from now, I got an iPhone 8S as well as a wonderful winter coat and lots of other fun stuff.

We lounged around all day, ate a late trini breakfast of fresh bread and ham (or rather smoked turkey in our case), played with our new toys and talked to lots of different family from near and far. My mom and I made dinner later on-- mostly sides and some shrimp as we still had most of our turkey and we enjoyed it with a beautiful bottle of red that D contributed to the festivities ;-).

My girls adore their unicorn blankets-- funny last year's trend was mermaid blankets and they didn't follow that bandwagon but this year they are all about the unicorns!

The next afternoon, my mom left so we spent the morning both lounging around and cleaning up before heading out to drop her and spend some time with some family.

As you can see, my kids got spoilt once more!!

And that's a wrap on Christmas 2017 #butnotreally #mytreestaysuntilJan6th and we have been busy almost every single day since!


  1. Looks like a good day! Happy New Year!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. What a lovely time to spend with your mom! Our tree is staying until Saturday too. Downton Abbey says "the tree stays up until Epiphany", so I decided to adopt that!

  3. What an amazing, magical, Christmas y'all had. So jealous of all that snow. We had a bit left on the ground but not nearly as pretty as what you had.

  4. Your Christmas tablescape is so pretty! And yay for your mom coming to visit <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. What a perfect Christmas! We went simple and stayed home Christmas Eve this year too, but it turns out a simple Christmas can be just as lovely. Loving those unicorn blankets and your photos are beautiful. Maybe I should've asked Santa for a new phone... 🤔


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