Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Five years of blogging!

Today marks 5 years of blogging for me! Five years and 813 posts,  numerous friendships forged and many memories captured! This blog has changed our lives, that's for sure. I am so thankful for this space of mine and so grateful to everyone for reading.

What started off as a diary of the ongoings of our little life is still going strong. Content is different, I know. Lots of the focus is still on our family, our life and the cute stuff my kids do ('cause in my mind they still are cute, most days), I don't feel a lot my kids' stories are mine to share anymore so I keep those a bit more private.  Before, I was shy about posting recipes, tips and tricks or my favourite things, thinking I wasn't necessarily an expert and didn't want to come across like I was trying to be a know it all. But then I realised, it was all okay and if you didn't want to read, you really didn't have to. Some of my most popular  posts are tips and tricks, home decor and recipes. 

And then slowly, there were the friendships forged and the feedback on my posts. Too many to mention 'lest I forget a name or two. But you know who you are, and I really do appreciate all the comment love. 

Also, as you may have realised picture quality is different. These are the very first ones I posted. (I had a five month old and a three year old)

To these from my last post. Now I have a five year old and an almost nine year old!!!

Let's just say the 8s is just a bit better than the iPhone 3. LOL.

In the meanwhile, I'll be the one whose kids are asking, "are you going to put that up on your blog?"


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years! That is such an awesome accomplishment. And yes, that's the photo I am loving. SO cute.

  2. Great job on reaching 5 years! I'm actually impressed that you had any iphone 5 years ago, lol!

  3. Congrats on 5 years of documenting life! I have loved reading it!

  4. Congratulations! I love popping in to see what's going on with you guys!

  5. Huge congratulations to you and here's to many more! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  6. Haha I cringe looking back at the quality of photos I used to post! Happy bloggiversary! So happy to have found your blog <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Congratulations on five years, what a wonderful milestone ❤️

  8. Happy Blog anniversary, Sarita! I just hit my 5 years last November and it's wonderful to see all the changes and "enhancements" we learn as bloggers along the way. Plus the relationships and friendships we build! It's very empowering in my opinion Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  9. Happy Blogiversary! I totally get what you mean about the content of blogs changing over time. I've tried to post less about my kids, to give them more privacy as well. It's always evolving! Hope you've had a great weekend!


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