Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday- February 2017

What's up Wednesday?! And just like that we're heading into the end of February. Yay for a not too bad winter...

What we're eating?
I made a huge chicken vegetable tortilla soup for lunch on Monday and we will have leftovers for the rest of the week for lunch. Dinner is all about leftovers as well as my friend Jenn packed us up with some Portuguese goodies but we're throwing in some salad and some quinoa for the rest of the week.... oh and pizza on Friday-- just because!

What I'm reminiscing about?
Summers past-- yeah I know, in the dead of winter. We're making plans and it's getting me excited.

What I'm loving?
That C's violin playing is on point! Girlfriend is getting it!
The next three days will be spring weather.
World Market- I've ordered a few things and can't wait to get them. 
A new ultrasonic cleaner I bought-- my rings have never been cleaner.
What we've been up to?
Life--- dancing, violin, gymnastics and skiing.... school and work!
And trying to eat clean (and oft' failing)

What I'm dreading?
See last line above ;-)
Oh and my friend Dani and her three girls move to North Carolina today. How we will miss those little ones-- Raven was Anjali's very first friend! They will be visiting every couple months though.

What I'm working on?
Work- lol. Tax season is pretty busy around here. 
And getting my four year old not to spaz out for the most random things-- like having to repeat herself-- friends, the struggle is real.

What I'm excited about?
March Break! Mama needs a week with her babes.

What I'm watching/reading?
This is Us (my very favourite), The Bachelor (ugg), Grey's Anatomy and Scandal(so dark!)
I've also started the earlier episodes of The Good Wife on NEtflix-- I started watching it in the final few seasons.

What I'm listening to?
Podcasts and my kids singing and giggling and sometimes arguing. And there's a violin CD in my car that we all love.... we feel like cultured humans when we listen to it.

What I'm wearing?
Leggings, tunics, socks and Uggs. THOUGH, I am wearing a my spring jacket today.

What I'm doing this weekend?
It's been a busy couple weekends but this one is pretty low key. We might however, try to do a dinner out and maybe have a pre oscar nice meal.

What are you looking forward to next month?
NYC and a visit to Toronto to finally go to the restaurant we were supposed to for my birthday. 

What else is new?
We gave the girls' old baby dollhouse to our family to use. My girls have graduated to a bigger version. Two out of the four of us were sad to see the house go-- and one wasn't a kid!

Sweet girl was so happy to get it though. 

What is your “can’t live without” beauty product?
There are too many! I just.can't.choose. Maybe a hydrating face cream. My makeup must haves are here and skin care stuff right over here.

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  1. I'm watching all the same shows - Scandal is really dark this season - I could use a little more jake and a little more love in there!! Yay for march break coming up! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Aaaahhh we just got rid of some doll houses too. It is a little sad to give that stuff up and move on but honestly, all my girls ever want to play with is Legos anyways, HA! I can hardly wait for spring break!

  3. I used to watch Scandal until it got too dark for me! Cute pics in this post.

  4. I love a good tortilla soup! You should definitely post the recipe for that :) And yay for your upcoming trips! So nice to get away for a few days! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I love that she's learning to play the violin. Such a neat skill to have in life.

  6. I was an avid Good Wife watcher back in the day and I think I need to go back and watch it. I love her! And clean eating..I love how it makes me feel but why can't tortilla chips and salsa be on it. Wah

  7. We used to watch Scandal but we gave up on it, sort of got annoying. Let me know if it gets better. Yay for busy weekends. We were the recipients of a bunch of small doll houses, thinking on the 10 of them many, they are coming out of our ears!

  8. Yum, that soup sounds so good! I feel blah with scandal right now... so glad that they kept Alex on Grey's though! I totally recommend This is Us if you haven't watched it yet!!

  9. Hooray for that upcoming March break with your babies!! I'm sure you'll soak up every bit of it! Loving all the cuteness in the pics here, btw! So sweet! So, I binge watched This is Us from episode one up to this week's while sick and oh my goodness - that show! I don't think I've cried so much or fallen so hard for a series in a while! I'm also so with you on the ugg of the bachelor this season too. lol.

  10. Our break isn't until April. March will be so long lol.


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