Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentines 2017

This Valentine's Day was a wonderful one! 

First off, let me preface this by saying that Feb 14th is SO different with kids. In those DINK days (Dual Income, No Kids), we'd exchange small presents and go out for dinner... though Valentines' Day dining out can be cray!

The kids bring a new excitement to the day-- my girls are so excited for occasions-- there's a countdown the days before and lots of mental and crafting preparation. But man it's more work, all the Valentines--- this year we had just under 69 for friends and teachers! And all the cleaning up after the Valentines--- the glitter and all the tiny pieces-- crazy!

I phoned it in and bought stuff this year except for some shortbread cookies for A's teachers. 
Just a small cross-section of the goodies.

I got these the day before from my Valentine...

Chocolate chip pancakes started the day off just right--- and left us in a bit of a sugar coma at 8 am.

Lunches were light and love themed as I knew there would be a couple treats in school-- they both left half a wrap despite my most valiant efforts at estimating.

D ordered some gourmet takeout from a local farm-fresh joint.  After violin and dance, we settled in for the night, opened some champs and used our wedding china and crystal-- just because we are fancy ;-)

We began with a wild mushroom soup with potato crisps. It was SO yummy

The girls enjoyed the cheesy pasta the restaurant provided for them as well.

Manicotti as our pasta course...

followed by some butter chicken with brown rice. Such a delicious meal and so nice to do it all at home.

We had way too much sugar after and then we played Pie Face, the girls' Valentine's present. We laughed so hard. Highly recommend it as a family game!
I also gave D his present- some Raffaelo, some notebooks and scotch ice cube trays-- totally random like I can be!

After putting the girls to bed, we then watched Bridget Jones' Baby before turning in for the night!

And that's a wrap for Feb 14th. I know that lots of people can't handle the crass commercialization of the day and yeah it can get pretty crazy. To us though, it's a fun day dedicated to celebrating love-- and that's just what we did... and had some chocolate while we were at it.


  1. Your Valentines Day dinner was so similar to our. LOVE it. Those lunches you packed were adorable too. What a fun way to celebrate. I found myself thinking we should do that every year.

  2. Gourmet takeout...yes please! That manicotti looks amazing. We had our besties over for steak and brownie sundaes and can you believe I didn't take one single photo?!!!


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