Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's up, Wednesday?

Oh fall, when did you become so busy!? Life is back to normal after our pretty hectic summer but now it's routine, routine, routine with just a little fun sprinkled in...
Here's what our crew has been up to…

What we're eating?
Monday: Butternut Squash Soup
Tuesday: Turkey Chili
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Some sort of quinoa and a kale salad
Friday: Takeout or dining out!

What I'm reminiscing about?
Honestly, I'm so busy/tired these days, I don't have time to reminisce… maybe the days of a 5:30 pickup at Cassia's old school--- I mean I never picked her up exactly at 5:30 but it wasn't rush, rush like right now for just after three. 

What I'm loving?
Soups, candles, my blanket cardigan and my fedora! 

What we've been up to?
School, extra curricular (swimming, skating, gymnastics, violin and music), spending time with family and friends over the weekend! And I do a bit of volunteering with both kids' schools just to get in there a bit. 

What I'm dreading?
I need to Konmari my house and I don't know if I'll get started anytime soon. It takes a whole day per thing (like my closet)--- how can I do that?! 

What I'm working on?
A whole bunch of little stuff with the house, my blog, the kids, their schools, our weekends! 

What I'm excited about?
We just booked our winter getaway! SO excited

Yep, Cancun!!!

What I'm watching/reading?
I am reading my Marie Kondo book but very slowly. I'm loving my fall shows like Grey's, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Modern Family, DWTS and Nashville. 

What I'm listening to?
Locked Away--- of course! 

What I'm wearing?
Blazers, blanket cardigans and scarves…'cause it's getting really chilly! 

Got this one sometime ago at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

 Oh and big necklaces-- because they're pretty! 

What I'm doing this weekend?
On Friday, we're going to take it easy and spend some time as a family. On Saturday for Halloween, we will be going to a friend's house for pizza, drinks and trick or treating. My nephew and brother are also joining us. On Sunday, it's a playdate and another party--- fun times!

What is my favourite Halloween tradition?
A little dinner, some vino, some Trick or Treating, some more vino and then eating some of the kids' candy. Nothing special :-)

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  1. Soup and chili are perfect for this time of year and I prefer to eat out on Friday too after cooking all week. Congrats on getting your Cancun trip booked. That sounds amazing!

  2. Yea for winter vacation! I have so been debating a little getaway for the entire family instead of Christmas little bit is the only one who is totally against it. :)

  3. Sounds like fall weather is catching up to our expectations! Im pulling on my boots and actually grabbing scarves now too, yay! Will you do a post about KonMari method when youre done? I want to do it without having to read the book (lazy, much? Haha)

  4. Cancun?! Swoon!!! Oh my goodness sounds fun. Lady you are staying BUSY! I bet that makes the winter getaway that much more exciting. Let the countdown begin!

  5. Cancun sounds like fun, I am reminiscing about seeing all the grandkids together again. Dreading any more sickness or death in the family ( some is inevitable ) you are very busy

  6. Have SO much fun in Cancun!!!!
    Send your chilly weather to California...we have been in the 80s & hot! I wish we had Fall here!
    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  7. What a fun idea for a post and I think I'm all caught up now :)

  8. Cancun??! So jealous! What a fun year of vacations for you guys. And your weekly menu just made me so hungry. I'll take one of each, please!


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