Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend fun with cousins

What was the coldest weekend of the year so far turned out to be so very much fun. A few pictures to illustrate...

Picked up C from school for an impromtpu family outing to the mall for some skirt shopping (literally) and some Hotel Transylvania 2!

Dinner at a vegan restaurant in town--- so very good. 

Got to sleep in a lot bit on Saturday and then did some pumpkin baking. 

Headed TO after swimming for some cousin time (my brother and his family from NYC are still here but leaving soon) and then an awesome family dinner at an Asian restaurant. Food was so flavourful!

And then some gelato…. never to cold for ice-cream.

We spent the night by my brother and his family and Sunday morning we had muffins, playtime and my baby D came to visit. All four cousins together and no pictures. #bloggerfail

D and I went for a walk since the sunshine was out. I think I need to seriously think about new jobs. 

And because I never get any pics of myself.

It was pretty cold

After some more outdoor time for the kids and some takeout West Indian food, we headed home. An amazing, chill weekend!

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  1. You look so cute in those pictures! What a gorgeous view of the water!

  2. Looks like fun!!!! And you make the color weather look SO cute! Love your grey coat!

  3. Love your coat. You do look cold! In a fun way though. Sounds like a great weekend.

  4. Your gray coat!!! Love it! Did your girls like the movie? We havent even seen the first one but going to the movie theater is such a big deal here lol. I think we're holding out for the Peanuts movie and The Good Dinosaur.

  5. You were in my hood! It was freezing, but beautiful in the sunshine. What Asian restaurant did you eat at?

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! LOVE your gray coat!

  7. Oh my it looks quite cold already! Take out West Indian is the best. I have to get my fix every few weeks. haha

  8. I don't know what those pumpkin goodies were but I need one!

  9. So much fun! I love your coat and I am totally with you on the new job. Puppies don't even cry hehe! Let's start up a business!

  10. Love your coat! And $27 an hour for a puppy visit?? Done deal. I'll put Ez to work too ;)


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