Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Foodie Weekending

Because what you do after a juice cleanse is stuff your face, no?!

And just like that it turned into Monday again. My weekends are categorised into two types…. caught up on laundry and not caught up. This was one of those not caught up on laundry weekends….

On Friday, we headed out with D's cousin and his wife to a new tapas restaurant in town. They got two babysitters and the kids had a picnic, movie watching, playing kind of night. 

Pre dinner drinks

The tapas was SO good. And we're all foodies… We ordered all but maybe three things off the menu-- smaller menu, not too unhealthy and small portions…. but still!

I went to the market and to run a few errands by myself on Saturday morning. Errands by yourself= mini vacay!

Our local chocolatier had Halloween displays on one side….

And holiday ones on the others.

After swimming class and lunch, we headed to E's Princess Leia Ballerina Party. 

My friend Jenn is all about the details….

Even Darth Vadar twirled….

And A LOVED it. 

Caramel apples for the party favour--- I'm all about the one good party favour now!!

Jenn also provided matching tutus for the girls.

A was in sugar heaven!!

Saturday night was rainy so we ordered in and played tv catch up.

After a brunch with my old manager (and dear friend) Karyn, our family met friends, my brother and my nephew at a pumpkin patch.

I adore this pic of my sweeties!

Tractor Ride to get ourselves some pumpkins….

A little group shot!

So many pumpkins to choose from--- but so many of them not good at this 11th hour!

These group shots are really tricky with our twisty-turny kids.

BUt this one loves to pose.

With our friends, we then headed for some Japanese/Thai food before calling it a day!

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  1. Oh man looks like SUCH a great weekend...and now I'm starving haha :)

  2. I love the princess lea ballerina party! So funny! Your pumpkin patch pics are great! Jealous of those coats! We are finally starting to get cool weather!

  3. Fun!!! Your girls are as cute as ever.

  4. That Darth Vadar ballerina is the best! What a fun fall weekend with food, family and friends (my favourites!).

  5. What a festive weekend! That birthday looks like the best party!!!! Lily would love it!! Ya'll have a real pumpkin patch!!!! So much fun!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  6. bahahaha I can't even with the tutu-ed Darth Vader! That is so funny. And caramel apples are the best kind of favor - yummy.
    Love all the cozy pumpkin pictures even if the pumpkins were on their last leg.

  7. That party seems so fun! Love the Darth Vader in a tutu haha!

  8. What an awesome party! Those details make it wonderful and Im dying over the tutu'd Vader :) I hear you about mini vacations haha

  9. That photo of the girls is SO cute!

    I say it is totally what you do. I just ate a piece of pie for no reason other than I was sad. Dang you Mondays!

  10. The tutus are the cutest! Your double date dinner with tapas sounds so good. I'm a big fan of oysters too!

  11. As always, lots of amazing photos! Darth Vader was such a good sport. Quite the interesting combo - Star Wars + ballerinas, but somehow it works ;) And yes, solo errands is definitely a vacay!


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