Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our little artists

One of Cassia's favourite things to do- besides watch tv, which she's not allowed to do during the week- is colour. She colours and draws every. single. day of the week. She does it in the morning before school, when she comes home from school and at night before bed. She can be entertained for hours- and it's a great way to celebrate different seasons- printing off colouring sheets for different occasions. D and I both enjoy colouring with her sometimes--- it's kind of relaxing. She also does tons of art 'jobs' in her Montessori... every evening she gets to take her work home and we have piles and piles of these pieces of paper. Let's just say we recycle lots these days.  She's becoming quite good though, staying within the general lines and drawing recognisable figures.

Getting everything ready for some Christmas colouring. 

Not bad for four years old, right?

Crayons are becoming the bane of D's existence as they find their way on the floor, in the bedrooms, in the tub, in the toy box, behind furniture.... all because of this little culprit.

Yes, she loves holding a crayon in each hand and stumbling about everywhere. The thing is though, I think she will also begin to 'colour' soon... the other thing is, we think she will do it on our walls. She just has that stubborn determined streak that Cass doesn't. Guess I will have to buy those Magic Erasers from Costco soon.

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