Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm kind of a coffee girl now.

Seriously folks, I am tired! I was up  late last night getting our holiday cards ready to be printed like it was my job--- I guess it kind of is one of my jobs as  COO of this family. When we first got married, Darin nominated himself CEO and CFO and left me in charge of Operating and Marketing--- you read between the lines! But back to the Christmas cards. It's a lot of work-- cropping and highlighting, selecting the design, wording etc. I was done everything after midnight-- yep, that's  late for us. Family and friends, you'd better appreciate it! And I'd better get a nice call saying how you like the card and how cute my kids are ;-)

So now, and it's become an everyday thing, I've begun to enjoy my afternoon cup of coffee. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a tea girl. Nothing pleases me more than a cup of orange pekoe with milk every morning.... Even when I was in the corporate world, I would only have a coffee once every couple weeks ... Even at University with all the late nights ( and in those days, late nights were 7 am sometimes) I didn't have coffee much-  this should tell you how big of a deal this is. Tea just doesn't cut it these days. With all the running around after the baby, getting things done around here, gyming, blogging, Christmasing and cooking, I'm usually so sleepy after midday, I've begun to do a small cup of coffee. Initially it was my NF latte at Starbucks and I still indulge sometimes but these days, it is a delicious half packet of Oldtown Coffee we brought back from Malaysia. Seriously, it is some good stuff! It's sweet and creamy and so yummy!!! It reminds me of the coffee the grownups used to drink when I was growing up in Trinidad. My brothers and I used to sneak a sip sometimes and I remembered as a kid thinking that I couldn't wait to grow up to drink coffee.... so I do now! I don't know what I'm going to do when the Malaysian coffee is done!

And of course, all the regular cups have been replaced with Christmas cups around here.... don't judge! It justs make my midday warm drink in this cold weather all that more special....

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