Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My mini visit to TNT

I am back from a very quick, very packed, very special visit to my home country of Trinidad and Tobago. The reason for this visit was to see a very special, very sweet  boy (enough "very's" for ya?)- my new little nephew, Vir... but I managed to also pack a lot  in...

I left Wednesday on the midnight flight and came back on Monday at noon- four days that just flew. I spend lots of time with my sweet baby cuddling, shushing, bathing, playing and chatting with him- he even told me that he was coming to visit me in Canada next year (hint, hint Nil and Pryia). I'd forgotten how little parents babies sleep when they're so young. I'd also forgotten the shift system of sleep! And how innocent diapers can be (remember that my 15 month old is a super adventurous eater, you do the math!). But most of all, I had forgotten the new baby smell--- oh that smell! Hopefully, he doesn't lose it by the next time I see him.

While I spent most of my time with my baby, my brother and my sister in law, I also managed to meet up with my grandmother, in-laws, aunts, cousins and two of my closest friends. Of course, I squeezed in my favourite restaurant, Jenny's (thanks Adita), a wine bar and my high school alma mater bazaar. More than anything on that trip, I enjoyed the time spent and quality conversations I had with some of my dearest. Usually, with my clan I am usually running around after them with not too much time to sit and chat.

While I was gone, Darin took a couple days off to take care of the kids. My brother in law also helped quite a bit.  I came home to two very well taken care of kids in a clean house, laundry done, some stuff re-organised and a baby who learned a couple more signs- talk about a super Dad!

I didn't get enough pics but here are just a few.

See you soon, sweet Cassia! She cried when I left but perked up when I gave her a goodbye gift- filled with crafts to do while I was gone.

Sweet boy

"Stretching" the wine! Only you, Uncle Puran!

Jenny's with Adita


Adia and I under the tambran' tree at naps bazaar- a rainy, sweaty, sticky event.

More vino- Two of my sweet cousins and favourite people-- one of whom needs a shave and a haircut

Another More Vino Shot- let me just say- sushi with a trini twist was very yum!
Sleeping babies are the best kind...

Except for smiling babies!

Miss you already, Vir! See you soon.

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