Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anjali's update- 15 months

It's been a long while since I've done one of these. Where is the time going?! I remember this like it was yesterday!

Heck, I even remember this one....not like it was yesterday though.... it was so much pain, I think I must have blocked it out of my mind.

In case anyone's wondering, this is Cassia. 

Anyways, so before I forget here goes....Anjali at 15 months, you are a handful! Oh yes! I virtually do not get to sit down during the day. There are moments when I get some peace--- like when you're napping (that one hour for the day) or when you are... no pretty much when you're napping. You do not stop. You don't play with any of your baby toys. No ma'am, instead you love pulling dishes out of drawers, books of the bookshelf. You especially love the cutlery drawers... yesterday I caught you licking each serving spoon before putting them right back. You also love going into Cassia's room when she is not at home.

Milestones: You're a pro at walking but sometimes you kind of stumble around like you've had a few too many. Your molars are beginning to come in (D said that the other teeth asked them to hurry up to help out with all the eating you do). Unlike your sister, you are definitely right-handed. You are the silent type, taking your time to talk- I think you basically say 'Mama', 'hi', 'no' and 'yes'. But it is the cutest thing to hear you say the last you as you nod or shake your little body with such intensity.

Likes: You love crayons or markers but not to colour with , just to walk around with, one in each hand. We are convinced that you feel that it helps you with your balance.You're beginning to love books- you'd better in this family. And of course, you love, love, love your food. I don't know where it's all going though as you are just under the 50% percentile for both height and weight.

Dislikes: Hmmm, maybe gymnastics. It's almost like you're thinking "really people, I can barely walk and you want me to jump!?" And you really don't like anything on your head or hair- I have a drawer-full of hair-clips and hats that you refuse to wear.

Relationships: You are a mama's girl still but you scream with glee when Daddy comes home and race to him. And of course your big sister is your best pal- except when you guys fight over something you both want.

Personality: You can be very sweet but you have a strong will, as evidenced when Cassia tries to take something from you. You love body contact,  snuggling to sleep, giving kisses, holding Cassia's hand in the car (by far one of my favourite moments on most given days). You don't jump right into a situation but instead hang back and suss it out before venturing out. You are a singer and a dancer and you tell the best stories... even if we don't quite understand them.

Crazy kid!

On the move... so much so, my mama cannot get a proper shot. 

Apple cider popsicle, so many sensations!

Too cute for words!

What else can we say? You're a hot mess, Anjali but we cannot picture life without your sweetness. Love you billions. Mwah!

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