Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday- Let's Falliday into the Holiday

I know it's early... it really is but I am a Christmas  freak addict junkie girl. Seriously! By the time Divali, Halloween and Remembrance Day is done, the Christmas music begins blasting, the menu and party planning begins, the baking supplies get bought, the shopping starts and I get immersed in the spirit of the season. Scrooge  D thinks it's a bit early to be hearing Christmas music in the morning but my girls love it and we sing and dance our way around the house at this time of year. So in honour of the early season, here are the early signs that my most favourite time of the year is upon us.

Here we go... And once again, I'm linking up with Darci for this update.

1- Is it too early to 1/check out the holiday aisle Target  and 2/put this cute Christmas hat on my baby? It brings a smile to strangers' faces so I'm thinking no. 

3- Oh Snowy Days- If we continue this way, we are going to have the whitest of Christmas. This was around my neighbourhood this Wednesday.

3- The Holiday Cups are here! My drink of choice on this day was a non-fat Caramel Brulee... yum yum! This warm drink  and us girls screaming singing Christmas carols all the way home put me in a festive mode.

4- The Peardrax displays are out in Trinidad already- this shot was taken last week when I went to the grocery to pick up a few goodies when I was back home. Peardrax is a fizzy non alcoholic pear drink associated with Christmas in Trinidad. People buy them by the cases around this time of year and I'm obsessed--- I've even had it on Christmas morning in past years :-) It was a happy day when I found it in a Canadian supermarket one Christmas.

5- Our Christmas card photos are getting done this weekend. I love Christmas cards--- I love to give and receive them- even before kids. I could not wait to start doing personalised Christmas cards when Cass was first born. In the past, with Miss Picture Lovin' Cassia, we had no trouble doing it ourselves. But with Little Miss Movement Anjali, things are a little bit different so we've been forced to outsource the operations.

One of the many shots from 2009! Our first kid Christmas. 
Happy Friday everyone!!

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