Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! This week I am linking up with Darci, April, Natasha and Christina for Five on Fridays... pretty much the same thing as my past weekly updates or mid week randoms.

1- We did end up going trick or treating after all in all the rain and wind with our sick kiddie. She insisted and after bundling up, we headed out to a few houses. It was fun and maybe next year we'll take sweet A who 'decided' to stay home with papa and dole out the candy instead. We ended the night bundled up watching It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Getting ready for a long night.

Like my fascinator?

Two witches and a sick fairy

Check out the scene on our front porch this morning... it's wind by the way and not trick of treaters... I think.

2- This mama ate waayy too much candy yesterday! Seriously, it's my biggest weakness- especially those miniature chocolate bars like Mr. Big and Kit Kat... I'm kind of obsessed.  To sort it out, first of all, I put some back into the pile to give out to trick or treaters. Then, Cassia gets a stash in a big box which she can have a few everyday from. I also send some to Darin's colleagues and friends and family. Check out this interesting article to see what creative solutions other parents do. 

This is the Halloween box that A is eyeing longingly--- Next year, kid!

3-Somebody's fine motor skills are improving. Colouring time is beginning to be lots of fun in this house with one parent (mostly D as I focus on the reading) helping her out every night.

4- The Halloween decorations are coming down today in time for Divali-  our Festival of Lights.   We are doing some family prayers at home and then going by our aunt's home for more prayers, family time and dinner. More about that in the next couple days!

5- With her refined palate and love of all things spicy, this kid sometimes has the most garlicky breath!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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