Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Taking A Scent Snapshot of Life

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Gretchen Rueben's Happier Podcast recently discussed thinking about the scents in your life and how it can be a happiness booster. Being a very olfactory person myself, I figured a scent snapshot was in order for 2018... Here are the scents that permeate our life currently...

- Bread toasting in the morning. Granted, these days I'm not having any of the said bread but I adore the smell

- Morning coffee that D drinks... tea has no smell :-)

- Laundry detergent during the weekend when I do at least 4-7 loads of laundry most weekends.

- Freshly cut grass when I'm walking to pick up the kids from school

- Chlorine from towels, hair and swim meets.

- The smell of my Philosophy Fresh Cream shower gel.

- Grilling- we've done a lot of grilling for the past five months.

- Voluspa coconut wax candles are my jam these days because of the 'cleaner burn', unique smells, lack of parabens and the more natural wicks. I still don't burn them often though. 

- The gymnastics studio smells like a combination of rubber and shoes.... not the best smell but distinct nonetheless

- Fresh baking either at home or in the market...

- My friend Jenn's house is a very light, warm scent that is very inviting. 

- The smell of my kids' freshly washed hair.

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What scents permeate your life these days?


  1. I love the smell of chlorine on towels after we get out of the pool too! And of course that morning cup of coffee <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. The smell of rain hitting the pavement at the start of Summer

  3. I love the way a salon smells. I can be all bunched up and tense but the second I walk in and smell the smells, hear all the sounds of talking and blow dryers, I'm a happy girl!!

  4. Ahh I took a break from reading (I was on vacation) but man I missed your blog friend. Anyway I have been grilling a lot also - nothing beats a good grill!

  5. I love the smell of a baby or toddler who just had a bath, the smell of coconut bread in the oven, rose or lemon lavender candles, the pages of a brand new book I am about to read and of course channel no 5.

  6. Interesting topic! I don't have a great sense of smell so there aren't that many scents that I notice during the day. I definitely like the smell of coffee in the morning though!

  7. Nothing better than the smell of coffee but boxwoods take me right back to my childhood in Switzerland :)


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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