Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Currently and Prime Lately- September

Well the routine has started again.... school this week and then just a bit more next week with all of the extra curricular starting back.... here we go, friends. And while we are at it, here's what's been going on currently around here...

Starting: to organise the house again. We take a little break for summer since I don't want the girls to be staying at home while I do all the cleaning.... so now it's back to making a list and doing some purging/cleaning/organising.... oh and work has started again too.

Buying: I've declared it a no spend September- at least for 'stuff'... gas and groceries, friends. Gas and groceries only! However, check out below for a few past purchases...

Sharing: bits of sage advice with my kids on how to have a successful new school year...ha!

Reading: some stuff from my Kindle unlimited. I don't think that I'm going to renew the subscription though... 

Recording: nothing too much right now except for some BIP (oh the shame). Come September 24th, that's going to change though :-)

And here are a few prime purchases I've made in the last few months:

These kid sunglasses are polarized (a must have according to my opthalmologist brother) and pretty cheap... which is not usually the case with polarized.

This  bark chocolate is so awesome for a quick, low carb 'sweet' treat 

These shoes are super comfortable and I highly recommend--- NYC walking and my feet felt wonderful! It's not a bad price too. 

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Madison Fashion Sneaker, Black Python, 8.5 M US

I got this selfie stick for Greece and we love it!

What's been on your Prime List lately?

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Have a good one!!



  1. I'll have to check out that chocolate, thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ooh that bark chocolate looks yummy. And cute shoes! I'm glad they worked well for lots of walking. :)


  3. That chocolate is now on my list for purchase!!!!! I also love my selfie stick - my family makes fun of me but it takes awesome pictures when you have a large group!!!

  4. Thanks for linking up to Prime Purchases! I'm also doing a somewhat modified no-spend September this month. Just buying the basics!

  5. Oh man I should probably do a no-spend September too, but I'm going to visit my best friend, and you know we won't be able to keep ourselves from doing some shopping together :) My kiddo really does need some new sunglasses though - started the summer with several pairs, but now they're all scratched up (or lost). Those are a great find!

  6. You had me at polarized sunnies and affordable! But I should also join you in the no-spend September! <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Oh I definitely need to do a no spend September!

  8. As an adult I love dark chocolate now, that bark looks delish and I couldn't wait to do a good cleaning when the kids headed back to school too!

  9. My boss raved about those Dr Sholl's shoes which she toured Europe in last month. Now I need to buy a pair even though I've always been a sandals or sneakers girl for travel. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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