Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How we do Fall- 10 Fall Things

It's still summer around here - figuratively and literally with warm temps and it being before September 21st and all. Though I'm still soaking up all that sweet sunshine, here's a bit of fall and how we do it...

1- Back at the routine

Switching it back to the early morning wake ups, screen time limits, extra curricular and cleaner eating.  Summer is fun but routine is awesome also! 

2- Fall Produce

We are huge fan of the fall produce. From quashes to pumpkins to all apples available, they are all so yummy. I have so many different recipes, most of them from online. My pumpkin poppers are a big hit in this house. I also make huge batches of healthy butternut squash and pumpkin soup with loads of spicy goodness.  I look for all the different types of pumpkins and squash and try my best to make different seasonal recipes- my sausage stuffed acorn squash is also a big hit around here. 

3- Cloth Scarves

I use cloth scarves whenever cold- even in the wintertime when most people switch to wool. They're such a fun way to dress up an outfit! Fall is the perfect time to bust them out after their summer hiatus. I start wearing them even before I pull out my jackets with just my tunics. 

4- Great prime time TV

Enough said. New seasons of all my favourite shows. This is Us, Grey's Anatomy, DWTS, A Million Little Things-- some wonderful nights ahead. 

5- Fall outings

At least once each fall, we do a pumpkin patch where there is usually a fall festival involving some sort of maze, haystack, pumpkin slinging, games etc . We also visit at least one farm with some sort of a petting zoo and of course a bakery.  which leads us to....

6- Apple picking.

6- Fall Fashions

The cardigans, tunics and blazers are my love language all through spring into summer. 

7- A little home hygge with some awesome throws

9- Fallidays!!

Some of my favourite special holidays are in the last half of this year.  In October, we have our Canadian Thanksgiving.  Then Halloween. Then Divali. Then all the pre-Christmas stuff. SO very special!

10- And then there is some fall decor....

Throw a few pumpkins and darker accents into the mix.

How do you 'fall things up'?

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  1. I can't wait to take Serena apple picking while we're in CT next month! It's still summery here too, but I can feel fall in the air if that makes sense especially with the days getting shorter <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I just made a list of when all the fall shows start! So excited to have shows to watch again.

  3. Love the fall decorations, those flowers are amazing


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