Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Five

Yay for Friday!! Here is my five for Friday that have been bringing bits of happy around here.

1- It's been hot then cold then cool and then back to hot again. It was so hot the other day even mama got into the pool.

2- Look at the bright yellow/orange of this egg. My neighbour brings it to us fresh from the farm.

3- Posing by some neighbourhood flowers before they are gone as the temps drop

4- Went to lunch with one of my besties to one of her favourite spots in Oakville. The Middle Eastern food was absolutely delicious. 

This was the cauliflower... it was so good!!

5- Take a look at my mom's weekly fitbit report. #stepgoals

And finally, just some mama smiles

True Story

Happy Weekending! Make it a good one!!

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  1. Such colorful pictures! I would love that salad. Love the two funnies!

  2. We’ve had the same kind of weather here - all over the place!! That’s a nice neighbor you have :) have a great weekend

  3. My aunt lives in Oakville- I love that area!

  4. Those gorgeous flowers in your neighborhood are a great photo opp for your girls before the colder months arrive. Happy to hear the weather is still nice even with fluctuating temps! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  5. Gotta make the steps to remain healthy, the food looks delicious. Flower garden to die for
    Beautiful family shots

  6. Girl....your mom is a BOSS! And yes...I cannot tell you how many times I'm out running errands and my kids will call me to ask permission to do something when my husband is AT HOME with them!.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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