Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Meet my Valentines

Happy Valentines' Day! Hope your day is filled with red, pink, chocolates, hearts and lots of love. On the day of love, meet my loves and five reasons I love them so.

Sidenote, thanks Beth for this awesome idea.


 I love-
- how his mind is always on. 
- what an awesome dad he is
- his brilliant sense of humour
- that when he cleans up, he does a better job than anyone else in the house.
- that he is intrinsically a good, good person


I love:
- how resilient she is
- that she loves reading so much- girlfriend will read an instruction manual with much interest- and that she remembers so much from her reading. 
- that she can already swim, play the violin and the piano, skate, ski and ride a bike better than I can. 
- how easily she makes friends and inspires loyalty in them. 
- her thick, healthy hair 


I love: 
- her free strong spirit and soul. 
- how easily she entertains herself with her toys and art supplies
- that she is the best hugger 
- that she dances like no one is watching--- with some super awesome moves too.
- her bright,  beautiful 1000 watt smile. 

So many others in the random love list:  my parents,  brothers,  aunts and other family, in-laws, framily, girlfriends, blogging girlfriends and my kids' teachers-- both my kiddos have the best group of teachers this year. 

And other things that I love: 
appetizers, summer, yoga, family dramas on TV, fitness, vacation planning, Target, chocolate, my iDevices, shopping, reading, a happy hour beverage, the holidays, hot tea with milk. 

What's on your love list? 

Happy Valentines' Day, lovelies!


  1. This is so sweet and so fun! I always love reading about your girls and that’s awesome your hubby is such a good cleaner!!

  2. So many wonderful things to love about each of them!

  3. What a post!!! What a family. Love the word intrinsic. My PC is an instrinsically good man, too. We are blessed, you and I.

  4. That's so lovely!! What a nice summary of your family!

  5. oh appetizers, yes! I love me some appetizers! I love this, and how it was 5 things about each, Beth always has good ideas :) Your family is so cute.

  6. Love this so much! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Happy Valetine's day to you and your beautiful family! Sounds like you have an amazing catch of a husband and the girls have their own personalities and strengths that come with it! Love to all... Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  8. Such a sweet post, loving all the tidbits about your beautiful family. Happy Valentines Day <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Such a sweet post and sweet Valentines! I hope you had a great day! Sierra~Beautifully Candid


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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