Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Favourites- Recent Reads

Happy Friday! I'm in NYC for a little birthday celebration for a very special mom (mine) but let's talk books in the meantime. My library card has been working hard for the last few months.

Usually, when I find an author I like, I read all her books... in rapid succession. Colleen Hoover was one of those last year. This is her newest book and sadly, I have to say my least favourite in all that I read of hers. It's about Merit who is going through more than her fair share of angst- and though she is a teen- it's not the garden variety teen angst. She wasn't very likeable initially but grew on me, only to have the story end before I thought it should. I hope there's a sequel planned. 

This was a book club read . Two sisters, separated from each other wrote this story. One adopted, another with her birth parents. One severely abused by her birth parents, the other so loved by her adopted parents. Some parts of it were difficult for me to get through (with the abuse of the little girl) but it was very interesting overall. 

Kristan HIggins was another author whose books I read all of last summer. This might be my favourite of hers yet and she has really matured as an author. The protagonist has gone through quite a bit in her 30+ years of living but I totally enjoyed her character and grit through it all. I really didn't know how it was going to end and I loved that. I would reread this one for sure. 

This one reads as a series of short stories about a small town in main with one central character featured in each story- not a very likeable character- but I found myself rooting for her through the book and empathizing with her and her struggles and insecurities. It reminded me of books we would have to study for English Literature class in high school. A good read for sure. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid was my find for this year and One True Loves might be my very favourite read for the entire year (and it's only February so that is saying A LOT). So then I began reading all her other books. This one provides two ways that life could have taken the protagonist if she made different choices. Have you ever had any of those cross road moments where life really could have taken you in different directions? Though I appreciated the plot, the book however was just a bit meh. I was waiting for the end to explain if it was a dream or not or for some sort of closure and I didn't get it. 

What have you been reading lately?

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  1. I got annoyed with Colleen Hoover when I realized how similar each of her books are! I really want to read that Kristan Higgins as I've been seeing it everwhere.

  2. Such a bummer on that Coleen Hoover book! She has been one of my favorites for a while now too. I love seeing what your reading. I should keep a book rec list.


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