Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Currently- In February (2017)

Today, I'm linking up with Anne for a little currently. Here's what the situation is in my little corner

Also, can we take a moment to sigh at how big my baby is getting... She even has a wiggly tooth. #toosoon

Up all the little odds and ends of toiletries, household cleaners and pantry items before buying more. After the decadence of the holiday season, I get a bit sick of buying and work on clearing out what we do have before buying much more. That and it's too cold to go out and buy too much!

I subscribe to Good Housekeeping Magazine online for a super cheap price and I truly love it! #dontjudge. In other news, my kids get a subcription to Chirp and Chikadee from our aunt (third year running)- also huge hits around here. And they are also going to start Little Passports- a Christmas gift from Grandma. 

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The Instant pot is definitely still there (as I'm mentioned numerous times in this little space) and so is this heartrate monitor from my gym. 

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This is Us. All.the.tears.  
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Hearting: a double lunch date in Toronto with our framily as I like to call them. It was at Luckee's,one of Susur Lee's restaurants for Winterlicious and the food definitely did not disappoint!

What are you currently up to?

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  1. Your baby is so precious!! I have literally cried through the entire lat two episodes of This Is Us!

  2. This is us...oh my, I can't handle it! I got an instant pot for Christmas and I love it! I also love Good Housekeeping! I never thought to subscribe online. I have two magazine subscriptions that come to the house, Magnolia Journal and HGTV! Love them both!

  3. Little Passports sounds so fun. I love This Is Us!

  4. Oooh, that food looks good. And I've been wishlisting an instant pot for a while too - I hear of so many people that just love them, and have seen tons of recipes that look great.

  5. I couldn't even watch last nights episode of this is us because i'm still recovering from the one on Sunday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I love Good Housekeeping magazines. And I'm wondering if I am the only person not watching, This is Us. Someday, when it's on Netflix, I'll get all caught up. :)

  7. A wiggly tooth already?! And yesssss to all the tears from This is Us. Last night's episode was just too much after Sunday's heartbreak <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. I had to stop watching This Is Us because I got so sad!!

  9. I love all sorts of magazines, so no judgement here! I'm totally wanting an Instant Pot as well. :)


  10. i'm definitely with you on the instant pot thing. SO MANY of my friends have rave reviews about it and i'd love the chance to be able to test those reviews for myself!

  11. I have yet to watch Tuesday's episdoe, Mr. said it was too much emotion, so opted out for a bit...haha..

  12. I still haven't watched Sunday's TIU episode, eeeekkkk!!! I just can't get myself to the point that I want to. I know, it's awful. Hopefully I will soon.

  13. Buying children a magazine subscription is a great idea for them to receive a little happy mail! Visiting from the Currently link up!


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