Thursday, March 9, 2017

The kids behind the blog--- all about mama

I saw this on FB and knew I had to try it with my kiddos. Here's what they had to say...

1. What is something I say a lot: 
C- No- both kinds of no... I know and no. (hahah)
A-Goodbye  (those school drops are tougher than I thought)

2. What makes me happy? 
C- Going out to dinner with family and reading magazines and typing on your blog
A- Giving Mommy a hug

3. What makes me sad? 
C-Having to do your work
A- When I cry

4. How tall am I? 
C- 5 feet
A- This tall (pointing to the top of my head)

5. How old am I? 
C- 38
A- 37- 8

6. What's my favorite thing to do?
C- Spent time with us
A- Clean up

7. What makes me proud of you?
C- When I do something good
A- When I do something by myself

8. What is my favourite food?
C- Oysters because when we go to the Mill you eat LOTS.
A- Onions (!?)

9. Do I have a favourite child? 
C- No
A- Both

10. If I could go anywhere, where would it be? 
C- Italy... or Trinidad
A- Trinidad--- no, no, no New York

11. Do you think you could live without me? 
C- No (an unequivocal no I might add)

12. What's my favourite song?
C- Morning has broken (in the morning)
A- I doesn't have any word it just hums (she's talking about the instrumentals we listen to in the car)

13. How do you annoy me? 
C- By not doing what I tell you to do the first time I say it.
A- I don't know

(it was at this point that A was done)

14. What is my favorite movie? 
C- Downton Abbey
A- I don't know

15. Who do I have a crush on? 
C- Daddy
A- I want jammy toast now

16. Where was I born? 
C- Trinidad in Uncle Nil's house
A- No

17. What's my favorite show I watch? 
C- I don't know what it's called.
A- Downton Abbey

18. Who's my best friend? 
C- Daddy
A- Miss Jenn
19. What scares me?
C- Scary movies
A- I don't know---- a tarantula (Random but so true)

20. How do you describe me to your friends? 
C- That you're nice.
A- I told my friends that I moved last year... nothing about you.

Because I'm a bit of a rebel and though I didn't answer the questions, still linking up with Beth and some other lovelies for the kids behind the blog!

Happy almost Friday!


  1. This was such a sweet interview. The jammy on toast and nothing about you answers made me lololol. They had some pretty good and thoughtful answers too.

  2. Haha, cute answers! It's always fun to see what the kids say we like - cleaning up? lol.

  3. Poor girl, doesn't like her goodbyes. :( I love all their sweet little answers. I should make my kids answer these... it would be interesting to see what they say, even though they're a bit older.

  4. Love their answers! Its funny to notice the difference in age as well with their answers :) thanks for sharing!

  5. So sweet, out of the mouths of babes! I would be interested to hear what my son would say to some of these.

  6. Seems like they know you pretty well! I love how A started asking for snacks halfway through. I think we have the same attention span ;)

  7. Way too cute! I love that she says you love to clean.


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