Monday, March 6, 2017

March Weekending

This weekend:

- On the way to dinner at Moxies, I got rear-ended but thankfully the car escaped with minimal damage and we are all okay. 

- It didn't stop us from enjoying our time together and some amazing food. I had a mushroom bisque and sushi cones. Now Moxie's has started putting the calorie content on everything and when I saw that my very favourite ahi tuna salad was 800 calories, I was sufficiently deterred from ordering it ;-s

- The girls and D went out for breakfast on Saturday while I had a nice sleep in, slowly made my way up, had breakfast and read  It Ends With Us. Such a good book but my heart broke a bit for one of the main characters who is flawed but such a good soul.

- C had her last ski class and is now at the intermediate level! So proud of you, C and so proud of us for not missing one single expensive ski lesson LOL.

-  I did laundry like I do every weekend and then went for a hair cut before we headed to TO to meet some friends.

- Our girls hung out with their girls (similar ages) and their nanny while we went to dinner at George- a five course dinner with wine pairings. I left my phone in my bag as D would have death stared me but the food was divine. We came back home and watched random music videos before calling it a night at Petal's house in Toronto. 

- Totally random but A ate so many olives that night that were on the counter when we went out and she was with the other kids. She was so thirsty and actually woke up a bit puffy in the am. I should have known my olive addicted child and hidden them before we left.

- On Sunday morning, we woke up to delicious crepes  and we vegged out while the girls got just a bit of fresh air in the backyard.

- We made our way to Mississauga for a late lunch for our uncle's 65th birthday and ending up spending the afternoon into evening there chatting and playing with the growing family. 

- A fell asleep at 630 in the car on the way home :-).

And now it's Monday! 

Have a wonderful week. 


  1. Stinks when someone else hits you, glad it didn't ruin your time. Also, that photo wall is seriously amazing.

  2. So glad the car wasn't damaged too badly and everyone is safe. Your quiet morning sounds amazing girl. I hope you have a happy Monday.

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear you got rear ended but I'm glad to hear it wasn't too bad and no one was hurt. Sunday morning crepes sound amazing! I'm totally craving them now! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I'm sorry you got rear ended. I'm glad that everyone is ok though! I'm glad that you were still able to have a good time. I LOVE olives. I was that kid too... ok I'm also that adult that sits there & eats all the olives...

  5. That calorie count business can be good and bad, huh? Glad your car escaped serious damage and that the family is safe. Love the 65 created in pics. Might have to copy that for my mom's 90th this weekend.

  6. Ooh, sorry you got rear ended! Glad everything worked out ok though!

  7. I'm glad no one was hurt. It sounds like you had a great weekend that aside :)

  8. Yuck that you got in a fender bender, but thankfully no one was hurt. Man 800 calories for a salad doesn't seem that bad compared some other salads...hmm...when I was pregnant with my second I was obsessed with a can a day type of obsession.

  9. What? 800 calories for the tuna salad? That's one of my faves- but so is the white chocolate brownie but let's not talk about the calories there....

  10. I"m glad nobody got hurt. Not the best way to start a weekend... but it sounds like the rest of the weekend was nice. I can't believe they put how many calories are on each thing. I try to eat pretty healthy at home, but if I go out to eat, I'm not sure I want to know how many calories my favorite dishes are. Eek!

  11. What a lovely and delicious weekend!! You guys always manage to cram so much in.


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