Friday, March 10, 2017

Little Letters in March

It's time to write those little letters again.....

Dear Amazon Deals of the Day,
I need to stop clicking on you. I've made a couple impulse purchases that were too good a price to resist.

Dear Colleen Hoover,
So I read It Ends With Us last weekend and to this day it haunts me. I loved the good of Colleen and Ryle's relationship so, so much and the bad was just awful. I couldn't sleep the night after I read it. Now I feel like I have to read all your books!

Dear US/Cdn Currency Exchange,
Any chance you could go back to being on par before I head to NYC? This 1 to 1.3 isn't ideal especially for some impending shopping.

Dear full fat vanilla yogurt,
You have been a little 1/2 cup of joy since I've been clean eating. If only I could have three of you in rapid succession, life would be perfect.

Dear Target,
 You can bet your sweet self I'll be seeing you  sometime soon when I cross the border.... lagging Canadian currency and all.

Dear Offspring,
Please cooperate on our cross border trip. This is the first time mom is roadtripping with two littles and crossing the border at the same time. Please limit any whining, fussing or crying.  Only sweet smiles, kind words and lovely conversations please. 
(the main culprit)

Happy weekending, friends! Off for March Break! 

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  1. It ends with us was my favorite book - I felt the same way after I finished it!! I have another one of her books on my loans I'm waiting for it to become available from the library! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Good luck with your trip! I need to read It Ends With Us - or anything by Colleen Hoover. I haven't been able to yet!

  3. I will check out that book! XOXO I hope you have a great break!

  4. It ends with us is indeed amazing and haunting! I love how you did this post in letters! Fantastic and I hope you have a joyful and happy weekend lovely lady!

  5. Good luck with your trip! Have so much fun at Target. Happy March Break.

  6. I loved It Ends with Us too!! I really wanted her to give him another chance...which is probably why I stayed in crappy relationships way too long so many times in my life. Good luck on your trip!

  7. I need to read this book, there are so many books I want to read, and not enough hours in the day! I love how everyone is doing the letters post today. Good luck with the trip, and try not to spend too much at Target, now that you have a car to drive home, the car is your limit...hehe.

  8. I loved this post! It made me laugh so many times! That Amazon meme, cracks me up! I made an Athleta purchase a couple of days ago, and I'm pretty sure my face looked just like that. Haha!

  9. Sending good shopping vibes your way for your trip! And yummm to all the vanilla yogurt. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. bahahahah, love your take on this. Especially the currency exchange. Bah humbug

  11. I hope you have an amazing break and a GLORIOUS trip to Target!

  12. Have fun on your trip!! Vanilla yogurt with some dark chocolate is my JAM!

  13. The currency exchange is a bummer for shopping in the US but things at Target etc are pretty affordable overall. I thought my sister told me all the Targets in Canada shut down but one of my online purchases said it was coming from Canada so I was a little confused. Maybe they still have a warehouse there or something?

  14. It Ends with Us is on my to read list.
    The last time we crossed the border the immigration officer mispronounced my eldest son's name (then aged 4) my son went on to correct him only to have him say it wrong again. After this happened three times the immigration officer gave up and let us through.. lol

  15. I really want to read It Ends With Us! Good luck on your trip! Hope it goes smoothly!


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