Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life Lately

Just a few snippets from Life Lately on our end....

Amanda was raving about this beach bag and I took a picture of it and sent my mom to Target to purchase  it before it ran out! (no target in Canada)

Success!! I know it'sa bit big but maybe I'll use it as a big tote come fall as well!

We've been walking lots in our new neighbourhood. First it was dinner (and white sangria) for mom.

Then  ice-cream for all!

Followed by Me Before You for Mom and Dad while the grandparents babysat. It was quite good I thought and very well cast-- but let's face it, no movie is almost ever as good as the book! 

We had my brother, nephew and couple friends with their kids over on Saturday-- a sweltering pool day!

And I obliged as it was National Rose Day

On Sunday, we had A's school picnic at a park
Her expression cracks me up here! 

Much better!

She was taking a nap and I was waiting for her to get up on the bed when her foot landed on my face! #naptimedrama

Guess who got a selfie stick-- much to D's chagrin! #bandwagoner

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Selfie stick for the win, Russ would flip his lid if I brought one home... come to think of it that may be kind of funny. I know, I'm terrible. Looks like you've been enjoying summer!

  2. AH! I want to be sipping that white sangria with some ice cream by your pool right now! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Great photos! I laughed at the foot in your face because I truly get you on that. Sofia is a monster when she sleeps! This morning as she was waking up, her leg/foot was all on my shoulder. Isn't motherhood grand? LOL.

  4. Foot in the face, that sounds familiar =) That is one gorgeous pool.

  5. First off I'm swooning and dealing with major pool envy over your beautiful pool!!! Secondly, I love the beach bag. Stylish!

  6. Your pool looks amazing! I've never had a sangria, and I haven't read, Me Before You. Maybe I should read it, while having my first sangria?! ;)

  7. Pool days are the best! I've been wanting that bag too, I may just have to order it already!

  8. Lots of fun stuff happening! The bag is cute and your pool looks awesome! Plus, love the new look, it's so pretty.

  9. What a gorgeous view of your pool! Must be heavenly to be all moved in!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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