Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In my bag...

Before the girls, I loved the big fancy bags-- chockful of whatever I needed… then came the baby bags (more chockful of anything/everything I ever needed) so I mostly put my wallet into my baby bag. Then the baby days were  done and I needed a little purse that left my hands free. Here's where my cross body wallet came in. Mine is pretty old right now- actually it's only two years old but with daily usage, it's seen better days. So now I'm on the hunt for a new cross body wallet but one that pretty big-- but no success so far. Suggestions very welcome.  In the interim here's what I usually have in my bag-- the really pared down version.  

Built in wallet

I have my loyalty cards, gift cards and membership cards that can't fit into my wallet banded together with a rubberband #classy

And a picture of only one of my kids! I gave the other one to her grandmother very recently for her wallet and I need to replace.

I keep a makeup bag in the car but keep my very favourite pressed powder, a lipstick, a gloss and some eyeliner in my purse for touch ups.

Other miscellaneous items:
Packet of tissues
a pen
random mints and sweets
wet wipes or hand sanitizer
a hair tie
my iPhone (obvs)

And two very random pairs of earrings-- 'cause I'm fancy.

A receipt or three as I'm always exchanging something.

Now when I need a bigger bag when I'm taking the girls to their activities or somewhere we're sitting for extra time, here's the little tote that I carry.

A book, notebook and planner.

SOme random makeup and chapstick. I really have no clue as to how it got there.

Girl mom stuff. Hair clips, colouring pads and Shopkins for the win. 

And a little snack for whoever gets hangry

Linking up with Andrea today! Can't wait to see what others have posted. This is the only time it's socially acceptable  to peep into other's people's bags, no?!

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  1. wow i love your bag! it's really awesome! =)


  2. Love these posts!! I carry my notebooks with me everywhere! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Good point a cross body is good to have with kids so you can be hands free. I keep all of the above in my purse plus more (minus kids stuff) but I do love a purse with several pockets and compartments to stay somewhat organized.

  4. I only carry a big bag when I'm headed to work on the train every day but a crossbody is just so much easier to manage! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Wow so clean!! I carry a GIANT laptop bag with my computer, work stuff, etc. and then just move my wallet into a smaller one during the weekend, but mine is full of CRAP! Usually a random diaper, wipes, wrappers from the kids' latest snacks ... haha!! Yours is so nice and neat - good job!

  6. Your purse is so organized for having kids! Mine alway looks like a mess! Loving your bag too!!

  7. LOVE your purse, so cute!! You definitely keep it all organized!!

  8. Love that cross body wallet! And keeping a makeup bag in your car? Genius.

  9. umm YES! love that cross body wallet! great post friend! so glad i found your blog through the show and tell link up today!

  10. Love that bag!!! It's so organized!

  11. Love that bag. Mine has a built in too but I have yet to really use it. I also have two bags as well *big and small*. You just never know what your going to need. Its nice to have options.

  12. Im still rocking the diaper bag as purse but know those days are numbered. Theres always the random bits at the bottom, no matter the size haha.

  13. Love that little crossbody wallet! But I carry around a pantry full of snacks, diapers, wipes, toys, and more, so that probably won't work for me just yet :-/

  14. I'm all about a good cross body, but I'm not sure I could handle a little (ish) one like yours. I'm impressed!

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