Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bigger is sometimes better

With a seven year old and an almost four year old, it's safe to say we are out of the baby stage! We seem to be one of the only ones though--- at least four people I know personally are pregnant! And  I miss the sweet baby smell, the teeny tiny toes and those little squirms and squawks-- so new mamas, soak it all up... they grow up TOO fast!

Honestly though, I'm okay with my kids growing up. Bigger is okay-- it's sometimes better. Here are just a few reasons why...

+There is less stuff to pack when you're leaving the house-- no wipes, diapers, breast pump or bottle! No change of clothes, toys, books and variety of items.

+If you forgot something, it's not the end of civilization-- they can deal until you get home-- there might be a minor meltdown, but they can deal.

+Less worry and less managing-- although less control! You have to let them out into the big, bad playground :-( and you wear your heart on your sleeve.

+The conversations keep you on your toes. There are quirks, comments and questions. And you find yourself having to google something- like why the sky is blue. 

+They dress themselves-- but that comes with it's pitfalls too-- like they choose their own outfits and mix stripes and leopard

+ They get opinions- LOTS of them. (okay, that's not  always for the better).
+ You don't have to sterilize every single thing. And the five second rule at home is okay!

+You can reason with them. They listen.You can explain situations and they get it.
+They can pose like crazies supermodels!

They do stuff-- like swim, and skate, ride their bikes and write

And they do other stuff-- like CHORES! Unpacking dishwashers, putting away toys or help with cooking. 

And then you look at them in awe and realise that these teeny tiny people are growing up to be  bright, kind, responsible individuals and you have a just a little hand in that....

Oh and I'll just snuggle my new niece or nephew when I need my baby fix :-)
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  1. I know! I am too comfortable with my big boy, so this baby will be a shock to my system! But at least I have my big boy to help out (who can use the bathroom, get dressed, feed himself, etc. by himself).
    Your girls are so sweet in these pictures.

  2. Such a positive spin on something so bittersweet. G is in the throws of potty training and she's doing great! I don't know when she got so big but alas she did. N will be 1 on the first ::mommytears:: I'm not handling that as well lol.

  3. Totally agree with all of these- I love the ages my kids are right now; they are such great company and can be super helpful.

  4. As a mom of a 2 year old and a 3 month old, some of these positives - like being able to REASON with them!! - sound like a dream, ha!

  5. Such a sweet post. Definitely looking forward to not having to practically pack an overnight bag just to run errands.

  6. YES to less stuff to pack! I’ve been thrilled over the past year that outings are so much easier. I’m definitely excited about baby #2 and all things that she will bring, but I am not looking forward to lugging all that stuff around again.

  7. Oh goodness, so much to look forward too :) But for now Im content still changing diapers.

  8. haha +They can pose like crazies supermodels! I love when Aria gives me a pose, and the helping with chores is great. She is sitting by me and saw the pics as was like oh that's me! I laughed since our girls look nothing alike, but she thought their lolly pops were amazing.

  9. Oh mama YES to all of this. I am LOVING the past couple of years with my girls. It is hard to watch them grow but so beautiful too.


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