Thursday, June 9, 2016

I confess-- the injury edition

It's been a crazy couple weeks so in honour of the mayhem, this Thursday's confessions are all about the injury and the aftermath:

I was in not too bad spirits about the injury (because in actuality things really could be worse) until I saw the doctor on Monday. The bone break is in a funny place so lots of prayers that it heals but there's a tiny chance that I might have to do surgery. I'm going back in July and I'll have a better idea then.  


#beachyhairdontcare but there's beachy and there's frizzy and sometimes I fall somewhere in between

I still love those heels from when I fell and they are quite comfy but Lord I'm so scared to wear them again 'cause...
Thank goodness it is summer and I don't have to bundle up doing everything with one arm.

The house is getting random clean ups like junk drawers and fridges during my working out times.

Jewelry wear- so much more difficult with one hand. I mean forget necklaces and bracelets-- with a sling on my arm and around my neck who needs extra stuff then. But earrings apparently need two hands for the backs. #vanity 

Dresses for the win-- bathroom usage, friends! 

I'm not working out these days (obvs) and I'm eating like a champ (champion boxer that is, lots). Though I'm trying to walk when I can, I'm so not looking forward to any ensuing poundage!

My seven year old is very adept at  helping me with all the girlie things like earrings, buttons and bra clasps.

I have never been so grateful to people in my life as I have been to my in-laws for helping out so much. My father in law does all the driving and my mother in law is a superstar in the house. Between them, I'm in very good hands and it's nice to have parents around when you're not 100%.

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  1. I hop e you get good news come July. Mommas don't have time for this stuff lol. Heal quickly friend.

  2. Ah doing all the with one hand would definitely be so hard! Thank goodness for your sweet daughter's help!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  3. Isn't it crazy how upside down our life can turn when something like this happens? Glad you have your people!

  4. Man I hope you get some good news, having surgery on top of already being out 6 weeks, ugh! I was out from surgery on my ankle for about 8 weeks and it was rough not driving for that long! Many prayers for quick healing!

  5. I count not imagine! You're handling it all like a champ (as in champion not the boxer ;)) Hang in there girl and thank god for family! Hoping you don't need surgery either!!

  6. Oh goodness. I am definitely praying that you won't need that surgery. Big hugs friend.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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