Friday, June 3, 2016

Favourite Five on Friday

And just like that, Friday is here again! Hopefully this one is better than the last with the smashed collarbone!   This one's a day off for my kids! Prelude to summer as we plan to have friends over for a swim date and some fun.

1- Can I just say that people are my favourite?! All the kind comments and well wishes on my FB and blog... I feel the love! And my in-laws... oh, my in-laws! They just left town last week (they are from Trinidad) and came right back from visiting D's other brother when they heard about my injury. As it's my right hand, I'm very limited with what i can do so they are helping me drive, cook and do stuff with the kids-- a huge part of my day! 

Oh and they bought this for us! #bestpopcornever

2- D's birthday from a few weeks ago as per the birthday boy's request was a quiet one filled with cake, angry birds and a whole lot of family time.

3-Look at all the goodies I got from chapters, the Canadian version of B&N, for $10 off each item. My mother in law bought a ton of stuff and got lots of $10 off coupons-- and guess who she gave them all to?! #couponqueen.

4- This expression on A's face-- priceless!

5- And just a few gifs about life lately

My expression when the nurse practitioner came in very cheerily deadpanned that my collarbone was broken.

When I realised how limited I was with my one handedness-- no flossing, blow-outs or changing by myself

Until my sister in law told me to wear dresses (bathroom usage got a whole lot easier)

My three year old who has a tiny breakfast and is all hangry when she comes home from school, looks like this at lunch

I allowed my kids to wear nail polish as a treat (i hardly ever do that). They were so, so happy!

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  1. How amazing of your in-laws to come back and help you this week...I hope you're starting to feel a bit better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your in-laws are just the best ever. Praying for a quick recovery friend.

    My girls are the same EXACT way with the nail polish too! Have a good weekend friend.

  3. Bless their hearts!! So nice your in-laws could come back to help out. It is not fun being helpless when you are such a busy person. Hope you're feeling well.

  4. Garrett's popcorn is THE BEST! A must stop any time I'm in Chicago!


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