Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's up Wednesday, April 2016

And we're at 600 posts! Yay, me!

Now onto some catch up...

What we're eating this week?
Monday- chicken vegetable tortilla soup (that we'll eat the rest of the week for lunch)
Tuesday- Salmon Salad (with pasta for the kids)
 Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- we usually go meatless and I get very creative on the day
Friday- C has a birthday party so the rest of us may go out to dinner

What I'm reminiscing about
My kids are growing up soooo fast. I mean, seriously… they are turning into real people. So I'm reminiscing about when they were just babes and wishing but not wishing that time would slow down.

What I'm loving
My overnight moisture mask from Origins
The slowly warming up weather
My newest smoothie obsession that I just can't get enough of- I add greens too
When my seven year old told me this morning "You do a lot for us, you know?" 
When my three year old unexpectedly naps at the right time. She's been trying to skip nap and falls asleep in the car just when I'm ready to do a trek to pick up C and then she's cranky. fun. 

What we've been up to…
Enjoying the weather when its nice out- gardening, walking, going to parks and having the occasional ice-cream.  
Getting back into blogging more regularly
Trying to eat healthy with little to no results-- grrrrr. Maybe it's the sugar I still inhale on weekends!

What I'm dreading…
My brother and his family are leaving Canada soon after spending the last year here. And maybe sooner than we anticipated. Oh how we'll miss them!

What I'm working on
Spring sorting and cleaning up.  
Getting things done in our new home-- there is always something to do here! I'm still waiting for some more stuff to be done to post some final updates.
Getting next year's extra curricular life organised
Planning for summer with the kids
Letter sounds with my three year old and math with my seven year old.

What I'm excited about…
Nice warm weather! Oh and a certain ten year anniversary coming up!

I saw a daffodil peeking out of our new garden and I got unexplainably excited!
What I'm watching/reading…
Grey's Anatomy, The Catch, Season 2 of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce (a guilty pleasure), DWTS (Niles and Wanya for the win) and Little Big Shots with my littles
I'm not currently reading any novels but my magazine list is Good Housekeeping, Dr. Oz' The Good Life and House and Home-- all on my kindle- 'cause books are apparently so 1999

What I'm listening to..
The Google Play app and Here To Make Friends- this HuffPost podcast that recaps the Bachelor and is hilarious! I'm listening to older podcasts in the gym and car when my kids aren't around.

What I'm wearing…
Leggings, jeans, thinner shirts and tunics,  flats and toms and an off white spring jacket that's on it's last legs! 

What I'm doing this weekend…
C has a party so the rest of us will go to dinner. I hope to visit the farmer's market and then I have a mini facial on Saturday, then we head to Toronto on Saturday where my sister in law and brother will babysit and we will go out to dinner with Darin's cousins to celebrate their joint birthday. Another kid party on Sunday and maybe some friends coming over. I also hope to get some time to do some more laundry/garage/spring cleaning! 

What I'm looking forward to next month..
My in-laws come to visit and my parents might too! Darin's birthday and yay for warmer weather!

What else is new?
We are opening the pool this Friday!

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  1. You've got it going on! I desperately need to do some deep cleaning lol.

  2. Bahahah- I hear you about the crazy joy when seeing something bloom!

  3. Your meals this week sound delicious! Yay for opening the pool this week! Hopefully the weather starts staying warm so you can enjoy it!

  4. Have fun in Toronto! Where are you going to eat?

    1. I forgot to check back for your response until today. I love Montecito, have you been? Get the JW potatoes!

  5. I hope the temps get a bit better around our parts so that you can enjoy that pool! And congrats on 600 posts!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  6. That overnight moisture mask sounds amazing! Have an amazing trip :-D
    Green Fashionista

  7. You do a lot for us?! What a sweet girl she it. Wahoo for an open pool some friends of ours are opening theirs too. Bbbbbrrrr!!!!! We seriously need to figure out a way to slow these girls down just a bit.

  8. How exciting the weather is warming up and you get to open the pool so the girls can have some fun! You're making me excited for my trip to Toronto in October :) I can only imagine as a parent watching your kids grow up and it feels like time is kids here but I swear this year feels like it's zipping by.

  9. This is such a cute post and so cute how your little girl appreciates what you do for them. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous btw! :)


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