Thursday, April 14, 2016

I confess…..

…. I am so relieved not to wear heels (or even hard booties, or weird flats) all the time now that I'm not in the corporate world. I have very problematic feet that blister super easily. In a perfect world, I would wear  Uggs, Hunters or Toms all.the.time. 

(Me at the end of the day!)

…. that most of the time, I wait at least 1/4 tank before I fill up gas (and quite  often when the gas light comes on).  D is the same way. And I'm not a procrastinator so it's especially weird for me.

…. that I don't think at seven I could have told me no presents, just donations please for my birthday like my sweet girl did for hers. In fact, I might/might not struggle with it now. 

….  speaking about gifts, I adore a lovely wrapped present… for me, it really is all in the presentation. I also love to wrap presents… well, love is a strong word...

…. that I'm obsessed with lime juice in my smoothies right now. Thanks, Salma

…. I can't handle chipped nail polish or long and short nails. I.just.can't.

…. that when my parents came this week, I struggled between wanting to spend time with them and wanting to run all my errands that I just can't do as easily with the kids. I'd like to think I balanced it well but who knows?!

…. one of my favourite days of the month is every other Wednesday when I get my house cleaned.

…. even as a kid, I've never cared for the taste of pop. Club soda is my jam though. 

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  1. I love these! And agree with so many - especially on the shoes (as I'm wearing Ugg slippers, lol).

  2. I am so thankful to work for a company with a casual dress code. I wear jeans daily, usually with my Bear Paw boots, sneakers, or flip flops. It's so wonderful. And I wait even longer with gas. My car tells me how many miles I have left to empty. I've gotten as low as 10 miles. Oops.

  3. That meme about gas is hilarious! I rarely see my gas light because it freaks me out since i take so many highways to and from work. I would hate to run out on there so I'm OCD about always having enough gas. I can't do the heels thing either for work. I do like comfortable flats though.

  4. Aww your daughter certainly has a giving heart. I stopped wearing heels while I was pregnant, so when I first slipped a pair on a month or so after it felt very strange haha.

  5. It seriously bugs my Husband that I don't fill-up before the light comes on.

  6. I totally get the striking a balance between quality time and chore time haha. Thats probably a mom thing.

  7. I cannot wear heels! Flats and boots all the way! My hubby and I share a car, and I always put off getting gas in the hopes that he'll do it, so we usually run on E before we fill back up, haha!


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