Thursday, April 21, 2016

A day in the life

I totally meant to link up with Andrea for a day in the life post a couple days ago… so here we go… I like to look back on our lives and see how things have changed in the years gone by. The days are long but the years are short, right?

I wake up between 615 and 630 most days, brush my teeth, wash my face and apply a sunscreen moisturiser (i'm crazy like that) and then head to the kitchen.

When I turn on the kettle, I usually unpack the dishwasher. However, on this fine day, the kitchen sink was clogging the night before so my kitchen was in a state with stuff from the cabinet beneath the sink everywhere so I unpack maybe 1/4 of the dishwasher.

At about 640, I get my tea, my vitamins (a multi for active women, magnesium and a b complex) and check my stuff online. I check to make sure my post has gone live, link up if needed and then read some other blogs and sometimes skimm. 

D comes  in and we chat a bit and then I make lunch for C. The girls usually wake up at this point but today they are sleeping in--- maybe since mom was out the night before and dad let them stay up.

I get dressed for the gym, pack my gym bag and then head to Home Depot at 730 to see if I get something for my clogged sink. I'm back at about 745 and my little one is still sleeping.

I give C some chocolate chip pancakes(leftover from the weekend), get my smoothie stuff together and then go to wake A. She is not happy and she has a cold. I get her dressed, make her toast with avocado and then make my smoothie (coconut water, greek yogurt, spinach, lime juice, banana and mango) . 

I slowly slip it while I get the girls out the door and take it into the car with me. We are a little late at 824 and most of the stuff I usually get done in the morning is left behind like the beds, kitchen cleaning and general tidy up.. It bothers me 'cause I'm weird like that.

We pray and listen to music and chat in the car. I drop A off first to her Montessori where it's a bit of a process, changing shoes, washing hands, shaking hands and then I race off to drop C before 855. I make it just in time at 853! (punctuality is my jam and she's never gotten a late slip with me)

I head to the gym after for a warm up on the treadmill while I watch the first 10 minutes last Kelly and Michael before he made his announcement (can you believe it?!) and then I go to a class. I don't usually do a double class but today I combined my Body Attack (sports inspired training) with 30 minutes of CX works (a class with resistance bands and core training). 

I shower in the gym and this is when I usually do my errands and get my short appointments in. Today, I get some grocery shopping done and then it's already time to pick up A at 11:40.

We get home at noon and A picks at her wrap, eats her veggies and has some juice.

I have a portabello mushroom stuffed with seafood and a side salad. My lunches are not usually this gourmand but I had it in the fridge and didn't want it to go bad- I usually just have leftovers, a salad or some soup. 

We watch one of A's favourite shows for a bit- Family Feud with Mr. Harvey as she calls him. 
D forgot his lunch at home (samosa pie) so he came home to eay/(not a usual thing again). 

I finish unpacking the dishwasher, make my bed finally and tidy up the kitchen a bit more…. it takes twice as long as the sink is still clogged and I have to use the powder room to rinse stuff out. 

A isn't her usual self so I let her watch some TV on my bed in the hope that she falls asleep - spoiler alert, she doesn't.  She is beginning to skip nap. grrrrr……

I make myself some green tea ('cause Dr. Oz told me to) sometime after 1:00 and head downstairs to do some work.

A then decides she wants to play around 2:00 so we pull out some play-doh. she is mixing and matching her colours and crafting a bit and she has a carrot. 

I begin to make this evening's salad while watching her. 

We head over to pick up Cassia right before 3, A is very cranky and get there right before C is out. A hangs out in the playground for a bit. 

And guess who fell asleep at 3:30 right on the way home. 

If we don't have any after school activities, we usually do some reading, writing or math at home. 

I deposited her on my bed for a half an hour while C also has a carrot, realises she does her music homework and then begins some colouring. I finish making our dinner, putting stuff in the oven and then heading downstairs to wash some dishes in the bar sink. 

A is not pleased when we wake her from nap at 4:00 but we change her and trudge on, leaving home at 4:12 to get to her gymnastics lesson for 4:30

C colours and makes cards for people while we are waiting for A. 
I chat with my friend, Jenn whose nape is the only thing pictured as she wasn't pleased with how she looked. #beautifulanyday #shereadsmyblog

We head home after 5:30 and this is when things go a little off track with a couple tantrums. But chug along we do and we have dinner after 6:00. A salmon salad for D and me and salmon and sweet potato fries-- Can you tell who is not a fan? 

D comes home right before 7:00 to take a freshly showered C to violin class and I pack his salad for him to eat in the car.  

At 7, I do a bit more after dinner clean up, put some laundry in, light a candle to relax, shower A and we hang out a bit looking at the awesome view. She doesn't ever stray very far from me. 

We snuggle a bit  around 8:00 while Dad does some more work and I brush my teeth and do my night-time skin-care routine. 

I then make my seven year tidy up her stuff 'cause it's crazy how much she leaves her stuff everywhere.

D puts them to bed then as he usually does and then I watch DWTS while folding a couple loads of laundry. I also make myself some hot water and lemon-- something I haven't done in ages. I also sync my Fitbit and I'm at over 15,000 so I'm good. 

Sometimes I read for a bit and then lights are off at around 10:30. I couldn't sleep very well because of this weird tickle in my throat though. I might be coming down with something. D comes in soon after. 

And there we have it! Rinse and repeat with lots of variations thrown in for good measure. 

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  1. Looooved this little look into your world!

  2. Oh my gosh you're so busy!! Loved getting a peek into your daily life! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love this!! You're a busy mama, that's for sure!!!

  4. So busy!! I love it. Hope you got your sink fixed.

  5. Such a busy day for all of you! I'm slightly dreading the day that both kids have extracurricular activities. It's nice that dad is able to handle some of the chauffeuring too though. That portabello looks so yummy! And so funny how Steve Harvey is such a huge hit with all kids. Ez and Declan love family feud too. It's the one show the whole family likes. Maybe it's his voice? Or the bright colors? Not sure, but they're definitely doing something right.

  6. Wow.. kudos! You are one busy lady! Love seeing a day in your life. :)

  7. You have quite the busy day. It is really amazing how a day can be broken down into increments like that. I used to use that with clients to see where they could fit in some physical activity and most of them had big gaps of time they didn't even realize they had.

  8. Up so early and busy busy! I'm impressed with your 15 min home depot trip. Probably how long it takes to drive to our home depot. Loved reading your day!

  9. These posts never fail to completely exhaust me. SO much goes into one day, and we do this virtually EVERY day. Wow, right?! I love the way you collaged your photos for this post. That was a great idea.


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