Monday, April 11, 2016

Seventh Birthday Fun!!!

Seven is old, no?! I feel like I have a real kid on my hands. One who I pay full price everything for, who finishes a whole kid meal and one who can actually do stuff around the house. #childlabour #biggerisbetter #twoandthrough. 

Here C's day in pictures...

I went to sleep before she did (told you she's old, or maybe I am) so I woke up at one a.m. to decorate so she would wake up to this…
Just a few books and a Lego set. 

Waffle for the win. Let's face it, it's kind of like cake for breakfast. 

After some play with her cousin and sister and a little riding around on the scooter she got from my brother and his fam, we headed to the trampoline park for her party. This year, she wanted to do something active (as in her words, she is not a girly girl) and I wanted to do something out of our house as there are still paint cans and boxes all around. So trampoline park (exactly two minutes away from the house) it was!

A few of her friends!

And then lots of jumping!!

Lots of it!!

After an house of fun, it was time for some pizza! This one is BBQ chicken and it was delicious.

This is about the extent of my work before for her party. Each kid got a water bottle, a candy bar and we gave out the balloons as well! Fruit kebabs (what is it with kids and food on a stick?), a veggie platter and some cupcakes later-- it's the least I've ever done for a birthday party! And I won't lie-- I kind of loved it!

Oh, and I put a banner up!

Cake time!!!

And us four!

Finally,  we came back home with my parents (who surprised her with a visit), my brother and his family and some family friends for some more play, dress up and dinner. 

This is the extent of her dressing up these days as everything is too girly!

And yeah, it snowed but as the birthday girls wanted hot dogs and wings, some troopers braved the snow and she got what she requested.

She had such a wonderful time and she wants to do exactly the same thing next year!!

Oh and look at all the haul she got for the Food Bank from her friends-- that was her request instead of presents this year for her party! 

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  1. Such a fun time!! Trampoline parks are my favorite!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Aww, this looks like SO much fun!!! I love the water bottle filled with stuff as a party favor for the kids! Did you make those or did the trampoline place? I might have to steal that idea ... :)

  3. Such a sweet girl and I am LOVING that party favor idea, so practical and fun too! Looks like she had a great 7th birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! It looks like she had an amazing day! Eerie coincidence: Keyan turns 7 next month & is having his party at a trampoline park :)

  5. What a sweet idea to collect Food Bank donations. Glad she had such a great birthday and bonus points that it wound up being easy to put together. Well, except the grilling in the snow part ;)

  6. So much fun! That pizza looms delicious! Happy birthday little girl!


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