Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Confessions

I've been a bit scarce around these parts due to some contract work I'm doing but I'm popping by for a little convo' and some random confessions from my end….

+I'm deathly scared of cats and frogs….. seriously…. well frogs more than cats but when I was a kid, cats freaked me out…. and more toads than frogs.

+I did not really learn to cook until I got married. I could make a couple little things but when I got married, I guess I figured 'go big or go home'- literally... my husband is a foodie. So I became pretty adept in the kitchen…. or so I tell myself ;-)

+I have straight thick hair so when people see it they love it… it's not 'nice' straight though, it has frizz in a major way though so don't be envious of it. It takes me a long while to style so I don't wash my hair everyday.

I reread books all the time. I think it's a waste to read a book once. Otherwise I'd just borrow it from the library. Every summer I reread Elin Hilderbrand's books.
I love lists and calendars… seriously, lists are my love language.

I think I have a gift with guessing girls or boys when people are pregnant. I've been wrong twice but I like to focus on the dozens of times I've been right.

When I was a kid, my mom switched me from left to right handed (it was the thing to do at the time). I do lots of stuff with my left hand still.

I'm guiltily obsessed with the Bachelor and read all of the tweets after the show and all of those funny recaps too.

I lose it sometimes with my kids and feel immediately guilty sometimes

I gave up chocolate for Lent and it's harder than I thought…. but it's getting easier.

If this isn't Tuesday Talk, I don't know what is?  Linking up with Beth and some other lovely ladies.
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  1. You are so sweet! I have been scarce too...down-and-out with a yucky stomach...ugh. I love all of this :) Calendars and lists, yes please! And as for guessing boy or girl, very much right too...or even guessing when someone is pregnant. I love this! You take care of yourself too, and always love to catch up when you have the time to share <3

  2. Cats are evil.

    I am a list maker to. See mess hating and lists, we're so much alike :).

    Does the gender guessing work with bloggers? I have a couple blogging friends who decided not to find out and they are kind of making me crazy ;).

  3. Ha! I am so very much like you on many of these points...loved this post!

  4. Do you read the recaps on the blog ihategreenbeans? Hers are the best. They crack me up every week!

  5. I didn't really learn how to cook until I got married either. I knew how to bake like a boss... but cooking not so much. My husband says I have gotten way better than when we first got married, and that I am now a great cook!

  6. Obsessed with the bachelor over here too! It's addictive. And great job on giving up chocolate! That would be so hard.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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